How Liv Boeree won the Sunday Warm-Up (Video)

February 08, 2011


The first thing that usually happens when we mention we have video of Liv Boeree is a group of 20-something males show up at our door with flat-brimmed caps and a lot of bling. They beg for a copy to take home. They usually end up getting in a fight with a bunch of graying 30-somethings who ask to view the video on-site so their wives won’t know. Men are pigs.

Despite our desire to have a quiet day here on the farm, it’s our duty to report that we have video of Liv Boeree doing something spectacular. We’ll wait for you to calm down.

Good? Alright.

You might have heard a little something about Boeree taking down this weekend’s Sunday Warm-Up. As it turns out, we have a rare Sunday Warm-Up highlight show featuring of Boeree in the act.


Boeree won nearly $150,000 for her Sunday Warm-Up victory this weekend after defeating James “” Mackey heads-up.

The good folks over at have hooked us up with the highlight show. You can see it below. No pushing, please.


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