Here’s how to reel in the newest throwable on PokerStars

June 26, 2020inPoker

If you’re a fan of throwables — those little animations you can play around with at the table in between hands — then you’ll be interested to hear of the newer newest throwable being launched today.

If you’re not, then feel free to stop reading now. They’re not for everyone. We get that. Some people don’t need the online poker equivalent of a victory dance. So, no hard feelings.

But if you’re still here you’ll know that so far, you’ve been able to shoot off fireworks, throw a box of tissues at your less fortunate opponents, or even an ice bucket to cool things down.

Well now there’s a new one.

You only have 18 days to earn it, so you’ll need to get started on it soon. But if you do, you’ll be reeling in your opponents in no time.

If that wasn’t a big enough clue here’s what you can add to your throwables today.

What would you call a fishing rod with a giant fish on the end? The “reeling in” throwable?

When to use your new throwable

Whichever way you describe it, the reason to deploy it is obvious.

There are two obvious ones…

One. In those moments when, how to put this… your sense of superiority in a hand gets the better of you.

Or two. With irony turned up to 11. The only option left to you as your opponent rakes in your chips is to falsely challenge their skill set.

If either of those options appeal, or any others for that matter, you’ll want to know how to get hold of it…

How to get the latest throwable

To get this latest throwable, all you need to do is knockout three players in a real-money tournament.

Alternatively, if you’re a cash game player, just stack three players, again in a real money cash game.

We’ll let you decide which of those is the easier option.

Do that and you’ll find this new throwable added to the ones you’ve accumulated so far.

That’s all there is to it.

Start reeling in your opponents from today

And you can do all of this from today. Just remember, you only have the next 18 days to do so.

Then, look out for new throwables in the coming weeks.

And did we mention that you can switch them off if you prefer?

You can do that in your account settings. If someone just happens to “reel you in” you won’t see it.

Thinking about it, if someone uses a throwable, and no one has their throwable setting switched to “on”, does it actually happen?

That’s leave that for another time.

For now, good luck and let us know what you think.



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