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September 11, 2019inPoker

A panel of experts (several of our Twitter followers) has made it clear. One obstacle stands in the way of playing more WCOOP events than any other.

It’s not money (okay, it could be a little to do with money). It’s not your ability (you might think it is but we can work on that). And it’s not a lack of satellites (these run every day around the clock).

It’s beauty sleep. Or lack of it.

The Problem

PokerStars players like you live all over the world. Start times are never going to suit you perfectly.

And to win a WCOOP event, or to go deep in one, you’re going to have to go to bed late, or not at all.

A crowd of people running down the street

You may find you’re not alone in rushing to work after a WCOOP all-nighter

It can play havoc on your energy levels, your complexion, and your employment status. Especially if you’re supposed to clock in first thing in the morning.

So how do we solve this perennial problem?

The Solution: #WCOOPSurvival

This is where you come in. And where you could earn yourself a ticket to a satellite this Saturday, which you can play carefree assuming you have Sunday off (please note if you win a seat in the satellite you’re on your own).

We want your help crowd sourcing strategies and ideas for dealing with this sleepless, but potentially profitable, reality.

For instance:

  • After sleeping through the alarm, how do you get up, ready, out the door in four and a half minutes? What part of the pre-work routine can be ditched?
  • How do you survive a day in the office on no sleep? We’re talking meetings, one to ones, public facing shifts*
  • How to stay awake during a meeting?

Help us put together the basic survival guide to anyone playing WCOOP and holding down a job.

Earn a free WCOOP satellite ticket

Submit a suggestion to us on Twitter, using the format below, and we’ll give you a ticket to the WCOOP satellite this Friday.

We’ll collate the answers and publish them on the PokerStars Blog. If you’re still awake by then you can read them.

A man asleep on the train with tie unfastened

Try to put aside concerns about appearances and wardrobe solutions during the three weeks of WCOOP

Your suggestions don’t have to be sensible, original, or practical for that matter. Think big, think perfect, think the impossible. The more interesting they are, the better. If we’re going to fix this unsolvable problem, we shouldn’t care about getting it right.

Tell us how to cut corners in real life. How to cut the commute, save time eating, shaving, making small talk, answer difficult questions about why you’re wearing pajamas to work. Just address the central problem – how to play WCOOP and then survive in real-life on very little sleep.

We’ll retweet some of the best ideas, but everyone who enters will get a satellite ticket.

How to enter

To enter, simply tweet your suggestion to us @PokerStarsBlog along with your [username] in square brackets, and the hashtag #WCOOPSurvival  

We’ll publish the full guide on playing WCOOP while holding down a job and no sleep, next week. With any luck, it will be expertly put together, and gloriously impractical. Albeit under the banner of important consumer advice.

The closing date for submissions is this Thursday 12 September 23:59 ET so you need to be quick. Entries after this cut off time won’t be counted (owing to the need to credit accounts before Saturday). And remember the square brackets part, and the hashtag #WCOOPSurvival

All entries will receive a ticket to play this Saturday 14 September at either 1400 ET or 1800 ET. The satellites award 3 x $55 WCOOP Tickets, 5 x $22 WCOOP Tickets, 5 x $11 WCOOP Tickets, 8 x $5.50 WCOOP Tickets, 11 x 2.20 WCOOP Tickets. So, plenty to play for.

Take a quick look at the Terms and Conditions, as this is only open to “dot com” players. Or at least we can only credit tickets to players on the dot com license. You can still make suggestions.

* If your job involves operating heavy machinery, light machinery, or on someone; steering air force or passenger jets, or naval vessels; driving anything, serving soup, passing judgement on fellow citizens, opening the batting for England, leading trans-continental negotiations, or anything where one day on no sleep could have a serious detrimental effect on you, the people you work with or for, and the rest of us… please consider skipping work.



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