Heavenly Victory for poker_lord76 in April 13 Super Tuesday

April 14, 2010

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Ask Mr. Thesaurus to come up with synonyms for the word “super” and a wealth of alternatives are given: marvelous, fantastic, splendid, brilliant, wonderful, very good, tremendous – to name a few. The Very Good Tuesday? That doesn’t quite have a ring to it. The Tremendous Tuesday? Alliteration lovers might be happy with that one. But Super Tuesday seems to capture the essence of the tournament simply and aptly.

So, we have it. The Super Tuesday kicked off at 5pm ET on April 13 and offered its players the usual $300K guarantee for their $1,000 + $50 buy-ins. When registration stopped at 367 players, the prize pool was set at $367,000. Super!

As the hours went by, the money bubble got closer and finally burst so the top 45 finishers could be guaranteed a payout. One such player who made it to that point was Team PokerStars Pro Gualter Salles of Brazil, who was the last member of the team standing and ultimately exited in 41st place. And a bit later, with only two tables remaining, several familiar names stood out and all looked to earn seats at the final table.

When it finally reached the point that only ten players were in the tournament and hand-for-hand play ensued on the last two tables, it was just past the seven-hour mark of the event. While this tournament generally moves rather slowly, the final table hit with a bang when two players were eliminated on the bubble. The first elimination came when stpauli111 and Kermanji took to a 10♥2♥4♠ flop. A bet and raise led stpauli111 to move all-in, and Kermanji called all-in for 35,821 chips with 4♦3♦. But stpauli111 had 7♥4♥ for the pair of fours with a bigger kicker, and the rest of the board blanked with A♣ and 6♠. Kermanji was out in tenth place with $5,505.

Meanwhile, at the other table, another hand was in progress. Machiavilian and PreshaDrop went to see a Q♠4♣J♠ flop. More chips went in to see the 8♦ turn, and it was then that PreshaDrop bet all-in with Q♥10♠ for top pair. But Machiavilian called with pocket fours and the flopped set. When the 8♣ hit on the river, it only gave Machiavilian the full house and eliminated PreshaDrop in ninth place with $6,422.50, before that seat at the final table could even be taken.

Machivilian leads 8-player final table

With only eight players actually able to take their places at the final table, they were anxious to get started. In the middle of Level 26, with blinds at 1,600 /3,200 and a 400-chip ante, starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: siola (237,179 in chips)
Seat 3: Machiavilian (417,138 in chips)
Seat 4: Brryann (82,335 in chips)
Seat 5: G-WOW656 (323,394 in chips)
Seat 6: LUHMAN (314,741 in chips)
Seat 7: stpauli111 (174,152 in chips)
Seat 8: bigegypt (144,659 in chips)
Seat 9: poker_lord76 (141,402 in chips)

Super Tuesday 04.13.10.JPG

Machivilian was the chip leader with G-WOW656 in close pursuit, having only given the lead to the former by way of the PreshaDrop elimination. But Machivilian had been at or near the top of the leaderboard for much of the tournament. The motivation? A third place finish only two nights prior in the Sunday Million. A win was definitely in Machivilian’s sights. But that’s not to say the other players weren’t just as eager to grab a Super Tuesday title. LUHMAN, for example, took fifth place in the March 2 Super Tuesday event, so to say he was ready for a win was an understatement.

Speaking of those two players, only a few hands into the final table, stpauli111 was able to double-up through Machiavilian, at which point LUHMAN took over the chip lead. The table was far from decided.

Maintaining control

A bit later, though, Machiavilian took a 100K pot from stpauli111 and a 262K pot from siola to climb back into the number one spot.

Then a big hand developed. G-WOW656 started it with a preflop raise, but bigegypt reraised. When Machiavilian looked down at A♣K♥ in the small blind, he decided to come over the top all-in. G-WOW656 got out of the way, and bigegypt called for his tournament life with pocket queens. The flop of 9♥7♥3♥ was innocent enough, though neither of bigegypt’s queens was a heart. The turn was the 9♠, but the river brought the A♥ to give Machiavilian the flush and the win. That left bigegypt out in eighth place with $8,808.00.

Maintaining control for Machiavilian soon became difficult when he began experiencing internet connection issues. And the prolonged disconnection was trying the patience of the other players who were already well into the eighth hour of the tournament.

But in the meantime, Brryann was short-stacked and finally found a spot to make a move. Brryann committed all 88,951 chips with pocket nines, and G-WOW656 was along for the ride with A♥K♦. The flop hit G-WOW656 right away with A♦7♣7♦, and while the J♥ on the turn changed nothing, the K♥ gave G-WOW656 an even better hand. The aces and kings eliminatd Brryann from the tournament in seventh place with $12,478.00 in prize money.

The next key hand started with stpauli111 and G-WOW656, the latter in the big blind, going to check out a flop of 6♣5♠3♣. a bet from stpauli111 prompted a check-raise from G-WOW656, and stpauli111 responded with an all-in move. G-WOW656 called with 4♥3♥ for bottom pair and the straight draw, and stpauli111 showed pocket queens for the overpair. But the 2♣ on the turn gave G-WOW656 the straight, and the 7♠ river made an even better one. No arguments there. Stpauli111 was eliminated in sixth place with $16,148.00.

Gee, wow

The elimination at the hands of G-WOW656 made for a new chip leader, but it was hands like this that put a wide distance between G-WOW656 and the other players:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Then it was time for some serious chips to be in play. It started innocently enough with siola and Machiavilian getting involved in a battle of the blinds to see a flop, which came down 5♣7♦9♣. Machiavilian was the first to bet, but siola check-raised all-in for 268,678 total. Machiavilian called with pocket jacks, and siola turned over 9♥8♥ for top pair. The 10♣ turn and K♥ river ended the hand with jacks holding up, and nearly 619K chips were sent to Machiavilian. Siola was ousted in fifth place with $20,919.00.

When poker_lord76 doubled through LUHMAN, the latter decided soon after to make a move. The preflop push was for 207,860 chips with pocket eights, and G-WOW656 made the call with A♣10♠. The board came J♣Q♦K♣3♦J♦, and the flopeed straight was more than enough to beat the pocket eights and send LUHMAN out in fourth place with $30,277.50.

Deal time

The three remaining players were interested in a chip-chop deal, so they sat out of the tournament until a moderator came to assist with some numbers. When they were given, the players immediately agreed to the following:

Seat 3: Machiavilian (637,235 in chips) = $55,472.47
Seat 5: G-WOW656 (777,715 in chips) = $58,801.85
Seat 9: poker_lord76 (420,050 in chips) = $50,325.19

Play resumed, and it didn’t take long for chips to fly. Machiavilian doubled through G-WOW656 to take a monster lead, and though G-WOW656 doubled back through Machiavilian on the next hand, the former was ready to move again.

Two hands later, G-WOW656 pushed all-in with 9♠2♦, but Machiavilian insta-called with pocket kings. The board produced 8♣3♦8♦A♣8♥ to give Machiavilian the full house, and eights full of kings beat G-WOW656, who finished the tournament in third place with $58,801.85, the amount taken from the aforementioned deal.

Heads-up play then began as follows:

Seat 3: Machiavilian (1464450 in chips)
Seat 9: poker_lord76 (370550 in chips)

Four hands into the match, poker_lord76 doubled through when his J-6 of hearts beat the K-6 offsuit of Machiavilian when three hearts came on the flop. But poker_lord76 still trailed and went for it again with the following results:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The battle soon came to an end when Machiavilian pushed all-in with K♠7♠ against the A♠2♣ of poker_lord76. The board brought nothing special for either player when it came J♠J♣3♥Q♣6♥, and Machiavilian was forced to accept second place and the $55,472.47 that went with it.

That left poker_lord76 standing in the winner’s circle, and the victory was accompanied by $50,325.19 in cash. Though it wasn’t exactly the highest prize awarded at the table, the title was something only one player could take, and poker_lord76 was happy to do the honors.

Super Tuesday Results for 04/13/10:

1st place: poker_lord76 ($50,325.19)
2nd place: Machiavilian ($55,472.47)
3rd place: G-WOW656 ($58,801.85)
4th place: LUHMAN ($30,277.50)
5th place: siola ($20,919.00)
6th place: stpauli111 ($16,148.00)
7th place: Brryann ($12,478.00)
8th place: bigegypt ($8,808.00)
9th place: PreshaDrop ($6,422.50)


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