Happy New Throwable!

December 28, 2020inPoker

They’ll be no fireworks this New Year. Not the big displays you see on news broadcasts around the globe as you get ready for the big countdown.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own private display at the poker table later this week. Our new throwable will take care of that!

This latest one will ensure 2021 lights up your table whenever you see fit.

Perhaps you could use it as a good-natured moral boost to those at your table after a difficult year.

Or you could use it in the traditional way – with irony turned up to max as you take someone’s chips. Better luck next year.

However you want to use it, it might work for all of us that 2021, and all that represents, is on the way.

Light up your table for 2021!

So how do you get hold of it?


To get the new 2021 fireworks display added to your collection of throwables simply play 21 hands of cash or zoom poker.

(That’s the game zoom poker, not hands played while chatting on the internet).

Once you get those hands played the 2021 throwable will be added to your collection alongside all the other fun/annoying* (*delete as appropriate) animations.

That’s it. 21 hands.

Just get them played before Friday so you can use it on the big day.

And remember, if throwables are not your thing, you can turn them off in settings in the PokerStars lobby.



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