Greatest SCOOP players of all time (2022): Shawn ‘buck21’ Buchanan

March 29, 2021inPoker

Shawn “buck21” Buchanan has been playing online poker since the early days. He won his first WCOOP title in 2007, as well as breaking through on the live scene around the same time. Since then, Shawn has earned six SCOOP titles, making him one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time.

Here’s everything we know about Shawn “buck21” Buchanan; the person, the player and his achievements.

Who is Shawn Buchanan?

Name: Shawn Buchanan
D.O.B: July 6. 1982
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Playing online since: September 2007
Online poker tournament earnings: unknown

Shawn Buchanan is a long term live and online poker pro who has millions in winnings to his name. He plays on PokerStars under the username “buck21”. His live results are well recorded (covered in detail below), but Buchanan’s online results are partially hidden.

What we do know is that Shawn has made a big name for himself. He was the first player in history to earn the elusive Triple COOP (WCOOP, SCOOP and TCOOP titles). He’s also a force to be reckoned with in the Sunday majors and High Roller Club.

Nowadays, he plays much less poker. “As a young man I wanted to crush the poker world and play and win everything in sight… I feel over the last 17 years I have proven myself, winning consistently in all different forms of poker. Nowadays I’m a bit more content to take some more time away from the game”, says Buchanan.

Buchanan’s slow and steady climb through the SCOOP ranks peaked in 2016 with an epic triple title. We know he’s in contention for SCOOP 2022. The Canadian pro is still very much a threat.

Poker achievements and accolades

Shawn Buchanan won his first WCOOP title in 2007, kicking off his online poker career to a flying start. Since then, he has won one TCOOP and accumulated six SCOOP titles. Here’s a list of Buchanan’s online poker accolades:

SCOOP titles: 6

One of greatest SCOOP players of all time

For any player, getting your hands on one SCOOP title is challenging enough. Shawn Buchanan is one of only a few to ever win six SCOOP titles, an astounding achievement.

Buchanan has six SCOOP titles, but hasn’t earned one since 2016. Could 2022 be the year he picks back up the heater?

Buchanan won his first title in the 2012 Razz event for $44k. He followed this up in 2013 with a win in the NLHE Shootout for $118k. In 2014, Shawn made it three years in a row with a victory in the PL 4-Card Omaha event worth $97k.

Buchanan didn’t secure a title in 2015, so it looked like his heater had finally cooled down. Not so. In 2016, Buchanan earned himself three SCOOP trophies in one spectacular year, smashing his previous results out of the water.

Here’s a list of all six of Buchanan’s SCOOP wins:

  • 2012 – 28H: $2,100 Razz – $44,145
  • 2013 – 18H: $2,100 NLHE Shootout – $118,800
  • 2014 – 27H: $1,050+R PL 5-Card Omaha H/L (6-Max, Turbo) – $97,760
  • 2016 – 14H: $2,100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom) – $82,160
  • 2016 – 24M: $2,100 NLHE High Roller (8-Max) – $270,125
  • 2016 – 52H: $2,100 NLHE (8-Max) – $214,436

Speaking about his SCOOP 2016 success, Buchanan says, “When you win one you gain even more confidence and trust yourself even more, which is why you see every year there seems to be someone who has an amazing year.”

Buchanan’s success in SCOOP demonstrates his incredible versatility. He’s taken down Razz, Omaha and NLHE tourneys, with variations including Turbos, Zoom and Shootouts.

Although he hasn’t had a SCOOP title since 2016, Buchanan is still playing online poker regularly. If he can find the kind of pace and finesse that he’s capable of, then he’ll be a solid competitor in SCOOP 2022.

“Likely my schedule will be on the lighter side, just playing bigger prize pools and such. But you never know, sometimes I get the itch and get in the groove and you could see me in many more events. So we will have to just wait and see”, says Buchanan

WCOOP titles and other series

Shawn “buck21” Buchanan bagged his first WCOOP title way back in 2007, winning a PLO event for $97k.

This was early on in Buchanan’s career, way before he could have considered himself a pro. “It was literally one of the first times I played the game. I only entered because I had a broken ankle and was bored!”, says Buchanan.

In 2014, Buchanan won a TCOOP event. In doing so, he became the first player ever to win a Triple COOP (comprising of a WCOOP, SCOOP and TCOOP trophy). He only needs the Sunday Million win to make it a ‘Grand Slam’.

Shawn Buchanan live results

Buchanan’s live results are much more transparent than his online poker scores. According to HendonMod, Buchanan has over $6.9 million in live winnings.

It all started with a huge victory in the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship in 2007 (the same year that Buchanan won his first WCOOP), earning him $768k and cementing him as an up and coming live player who is capable of taking down the most serious of events.

He’s also had noteworthy finishes in the WPT, PCA and WSOP. In 2019, Buchanan won his first ever WSOP bracelet in a 6-max competition, earning $223k for first.

Shawn Buchanan’s top live poker results (screenshot from HendonMob)

More about Shawn “buck21” Buchanan…

Shawn “buck21” Buchanan poker career has been long and interesting. He was hitting huge results from early on, earning his first WCOOP title in 2007. We’re not going to take you that far back on Buchanan’s journey. Instead, we’re focusing on his later wins, in particular his triple SCOOP run that earned him his sixth title and place in SCOOP history:

First SCOOP of 2016 – With three titles already under his belt from previous years, Buchanan began his 2016 SCOOP run with a victory in the 14-H for $82k. This was his sixth COOP title overall, and fourth SCOOP title.

Second of 2016 – Few could predict that Buchanan would follow up with yet another SCOOP title just a few days later. This time, he won the 44-M for $270k. This article gives the full details of that tourney.

Six SCOOP titles as Buchanan gets hat trick – Buchanan makes it three SCOOP bracelets in just 12 days, which makes it six titles in total and places him firmly among the greatest SCOOP players of all time.

Buchanan joins Poker In The Ears podcast – Shawn Buchanan was special guest on the Poker In The Ears podcast in 2018. He discussed his poker career and walks us through his thought processes on poker hands.

Interview reveals more about the player and person – In 2019, Buchanan was interviewed by James Hartigan of the PokerStars TV team. This article provides a transcript of the interview, revealing more about the person, player, and the highlights of his career. It also provides important lessons from the long term grinder about health and balancing life outside of poker.

Keeping busy in the weekend majors – Since his big COOP victories, Shawn Buchanan has been keeping a lower profile, but he still occasionally dominates weekend majors and HRC tourneys. This article details his 2019 win in the NLO8 Supersonic heads-up against Niklas “Lena900” Astedt.


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