Grand Tour: Winning big and winning fast. Here’s how it’s done…

May 05, 2020inPoker

PokerStars Grand Tour game

Last week you might have seen the launch of a new game on PokerStars called Grand Tour.

It’s a cycling themed series of “sprints” – short hyper turbo Spin & KO’s, played as shootouts and in a progressive KO kind of way.

Each Sprint takes just a few minutes to play. And depending on the number of bounties you rack up, you can log out with money in your bankroll.

That applies even if you don’t advance to the next sprint, all the way up to the sixth and final sprint.

That’s where you can win a combined prize of your own and everyone else’s bounty for something between $100 and $150.

But there was an added feature we told you about – a multiplier that comes into effect every time you KO a player.

The bounty you win is potentially spun up, with a top prize (depending on the stakes you’re playing) in the thousands.

Well it didn’t take long for two players to provide an example of exactly how this process works.

Grand Tour: Winning Big

Take the example of Mamoru007, who in 16 minutes became the first big winner across the line playing Grand Tour.

Here’s how it worked.

Play Grand Tour on PokerStars from $1

Last Saturday Mamoru007 registered for Grand Tour at the $25 level.

It took them eight minutes to eliminate three opponents and win that sprint, taking their bounty value to $67.84. Even without what follows that not a bad return on investment…

Then came the final sprint against three new players.

After eight minutes, and two more KOS, the final hand…

You might guess that Mamoru007 was already feeling positive when dealt A♣K♦. Even more so when their opponent shoved pre-flop for nine big blinds with A♥2♠.

And so they called. And won. Then the multiplier happened.

And it hit the max.

What it did was multiply that bounty by 6,000, spinning Mamoru007’s prize up to $62,629.56.

They weren’t the only one to score big.

Grand Tour: Winning Fast

AvtobusKRD banked their win even faster.

Playing on Sunday morning AvtobusKRD also registered at the $25 level and crossed the finish line of the first sprint in just four minutes, KO-ing two players along the way.

With a bounty value of $62.74 they joined the final sprint.

Six minutes later AvtobusKRD had eliminated two more players to reach the final hand.

Their opponent open-shoved with 10♥7♣ pre-flop with 15 big blinds. AvtobusKRD decided to call with Q♠J♠ and had made two pairs by the turn to KO his last opposition.

You know what happened next…

The Maximum multiplier hit, putting a turbo spin onto his final bounty value… up to $63,629.56 for that final elimination.

A day after launch that gave us the biggest winner so far, and the quickest.

Grand Tour is available now on PokerStars

Which fits the idea behind Grand Tour… to play when you want, to play quickly, and win more along the way in the form of bounties. Technically, you can win those from the very first hand.

And if you don’t make it as far as the final sprint, you keep the bounties of anyone you KO. And each of those could hit the multiplier at any time, turning a few dollars into much more.

All of which you can read about, along with how the game works, and how to play it, on our Grand Tour page. Give it a try for as little as $1.

Then let us know what you think.



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