Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal races to 8/4/15 Super Tuesday title, $102K

August 05, 2015

He’s among the top 10 tournament earners in Netherlands’ history with more than $1.9 million in career cashes. He’s won European Poker Tour side events and twice final tabled high roller tournaments at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He has a great rock ‘n’ roll name and with a cool “montecarlo13” handle appropriately plays from the EPT’s annual finish line in Monaco. And now he has a Super Tuesday title.

Tonight Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal was the winner of PokerStars’ weekly $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament, with the Dutchman mounting a huge final table comeback to go from short stack to champion and claim a $102,980 first prize.


Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal
A big turnout of 542 players meant a prize pool of $542,000 for this week’s Super Tuesday — well over the event’s $400K guarantee. By the time the tournament was six hours old that big field had become just 63, and with the money bubble having burst J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly sat atop the counts, having just won a few pots to create some distance from the chase pack.


J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly
Less than two hours later they were down to 18, with Kelly having slipped back to an average chip stack while NastyMinder rose to first position.

bk0705 (18th), vini870134 (17th), and summuNNN (16th) were the next players out, each picking up $4,336. Then pvas (15th), Bluf_to_Much (14th), and Erebgil_bg (13th) were successively ousted, earning $5,420 apiece for their finishes.

TIPCHIK321 (12th), and torino2000 (11th) next fell, then a short while after hand-for-hand play began an intriguing hand developed between two of the bigger stacks, thelumeister and DonKolion.

The hand began with thelumeister limping in from the small blind, DonKolion raising from the big, and thelumesiter calling. The pair both checked the 6♦4♥9♣ flop, then after thelumeister checked the J♣ turn, DonKolion fired a bet then thelumeister check-raised. DonKolion called, bringing the pot close to 175,000.

The river was the 5♠, and thelumeister made a big bet of just over 200,000, leaving about 115,000 behind. DonKolion hesitated, then shoved all in and after thinking thelumeister called with what was left behind.

thelumeister showed J♥6♥ for two pair, but DonKolion had rivered a straight with 8♠7♥ to knock thelumesiter out in 10th. Like the previous two knocked out, thelumeister earned $6,504 for the finish. On the strength of that pot, DonKolion had the chip lead among the final nine.

Meanwhile sitting on the short stack with just over 11 big blinds to start the final table was the eventual winner, Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal.


Seat 1: Remi Lebo_10 (Ukraine) — 354,140
Seat 2: Jerry “Perrymejsen” Ödeen (Sweden) — 138,016
Seat 3: J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly (Macao) — 235,663
Seat 4: DonKolion (Canada) — 869,277
Seat 5: NastyMinder (Switzerland) — 514,202
Seat 6: Rhys “floppinhel” Jones (United Kingdom) — 139,096
Seat 7: RodRish (Chile) — 124,480
Seat 8: torkolort1 (Norway) — 264,186
Seat 9: Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal (Monaco) — 70,940

The final nine made it to the tournament’s nine-hour mark, with Metaal having started to chip up while Rhys “floppinhel” Jones slipped back to the bottom of the counts. Soon the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when Metaal opened for 15,500 from early position. It folded to Rhys “floppinhel” Jones in the small blind who three-bet pushed for just over 73,000 total, and after RodRish stepped aside Metaal was quick with the call.

Metaal had K♦K♣ while Jones showed A♣J♠. The board came 2♠Q♦8♠5♣4♠, and Jones was done in ninth.


Rhys “floppinhel” Jones
Not quite 15 minutes later the blinds had increased to 4,000/8,000 when Remi Lebo_10 raised to 17,245 from UTG and got one caller in Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal playing from the big blind. The flop came 8♥A♣7♣, with Metaal check-calling a bet of 22,347 from Remi Lebo_10. The turn then brought the J♦ and another check from Metaal. This time Remi Lebo_10 bet 48,765, Metaal responded with an all-in push, and Remi Lebo_10 called with the 171,427 left behind.

Remi Lebo_10 showed A♦8♦ for two pair while Metaal had turned a straight with 10♦9♦. The river was the 6♣, and Remi Lebo_10 had been knocked out in eighth.

A few orbits later torkolort1 was min-raising to 18,000 from middle position, DonKolion calling from the big blind, and the pair watched a flop come 8♦5♥6♥. Both checked, then after the Q♠ turn DonKolion checked, torkolort1 bet 19,450, DonKolion made it 45,000 to go, and torkolort1 called.

The river was the 6♠, bringing a bet of 175,000 from DonKolion — just a few chips more than what torkolort1 had left — and the latter made the call to commit the stack.

torkolort1 had 9♠9♦ for nines and sixes, but DonKolion had 5♣5♠ for a full house and torkolort1 was sent railward in seventh.

Not long after that hand DonKolion opened for 22,000 (a bit over 2x) from UTG, Jerry “Perrymejsen” Ödeen reraise-shoved for 106,478 from the small blind, then J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly pushed all in over the top of that to chase DonKolion. It was 7♠7♦ for Ödeen versus Kelly’s Q♦Q♠. The J♦10♦Q♥ flop improved Kelly to a set, then the K♥ turn gave Ödeen slim hopes for a straight to chop. The river then brought the 2♠, and Ödeen was sent away in sixth.

Just a couple of minutes later RodRish open-raised all in from the cutoff for just over 84,000 with A♦8♦, DonKolion called from the big blind with A♥10♦, and a runout of 7♥J♠Q♠6♣4♦ meant RodRish’s Super Tuesday run was over in fifth.

They pushed deeper into the tournament’s 12th hour, then with the blinds up to 12,500/25,000 it was NastyMinder opening from the button for 53,750 and J.P. “MrBarrett” Kelly calling from the big blind. The flop came 4♥2♦8♣, Kelly checked, NastyMinder continued for 48,700, Kelly shoved all in, and NastyMinder called with the 389,776 left.

NastyMinder showed 7♥7♦, but Kelly had a better pair with his K♦8♠. The turn brought the K♣ to improve Kelly to two pair, then after the Q♥ river NastyMinder had been cut down in fourth.

The final trio marched onward into the night, and after nearly half an hour J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly had built a big lead with more than 1.53 million versus Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal’s almost 594,000 and DonKolion’s stack of just under 580,000.

Then with the blinds 17,500/35,000, Kelly raised to 72,500 from the button, DonKolion shoved all in from the small blind, then Metaal reshoved from the big blind for a little more and Kelly folded. DonKolion had 3♣3♥, but Metaal had a better pair with 10♠10♣, and five cards later — J♣Q♣A♠9♦A♦ — DonKolion was out in third.

That hand helped Metaal close the gap to start heads-up play, with Kelly beginning their final duel with the lead with 1,459,488 to Metaal’s 1,250,512.

They would pass the lead back and forth over the next 15 minutes, then Metaal began to pull away, pushing up over 2.2 million while Kelly fell back under 500,000. Then on the 53rd hand between them — after just over a half-hour of heads-up play — the final hand took place.

The blinds were 22,500/45,000 with a 5,625 ante. Metaal limped in from the button, Kelly shoved with the 456,363 he had left, and Metaal called instantly.

MrBarrett82: K♣6♠
montecarlo13: A♥J♣

Metaal had the best of it, and after the 6♥A♣7♣ flop both had improved to a pair with Metaal still in front. The 7♠ turn kept the Dutchman in the lead, then the 8♣ river sealed it — Metaal had won.

Congratulations to Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal for outlasting a tough Super Tuesday field and challenging final table to win this week’s Super Tuesday and earn a handsome six-figure score.



Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal
8/4/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 542
Prize pool: $542,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. Govert “montecarlo13” Metaal (Monaco) — $102,980.00
2. J.P. “MrBarrett82” Kelly (Macao) — $75,880.00
3. DonKolion (Canada) — $55,555.00
4. NastyMinder (Switzerland) — $42,276.pp
5. RodRish (Chile) — $29,810.00
6. Jerry “Perrymejsen” Ödeen (Sweden) — $23,035.00
7. torkolort1 (Norway) — $17,615.00
8. Remi Lebo_10 (Ukraine) — $12,195.00
9. Rhys “floppinhel” Jones (United Kingdom) — $8,997.20

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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