Going to Barcelona via Discord

June 27, 2017

You may already be aware that PokerStars now has a presence on Discord, the popular e-gaming discussion and voice chat platform. If you’re not, you can read all about it here.

To celebrate a successful first two months on Discord, we’re throwing a bit of a party. On Saturday July 1st, at 1:00pm Eastern Time (6:00pm in the UK, 7:00pm Central European Time) we’re running a freeroll that gives away five seats in the Road to Barcelona Ultra Qualifier (T#192.059.1999) on Sunday July 2nd. They’re worth €215 each, so that’s over €1k in free value. You can see the freeroll in the PokerStars lobby (T# 195.273.8501).

Discord screenshot 17-thumb-27Jun17.jpgDiscord looks something like this

To get a piece of all this value, all you need to do is register with us on Discord. Here’s how:

1. Go to psta.rs/Discord – that will take you to the Discord website. If you already have a Discord ID, please skip directly to Step 3.
2. Sign up for a Discord ID. It takes about five minutes.
3. Go on the PokerStars Discord server and find the user named “StarsBot” (his avatar is a robot holding a red spade). Click on that name and you’ll be offered the option of sending a message to StarsBot.
4. Send a message that says:

starsemail myemailaddr@mydomain.com

So if your PokerStars email address is fishy22@yahoo.com, you send a direct message to StarsBot that simply says:

starsemail fishy22@yahoo.com

5. StarsBot will will send an email to you that contains a six-character numeric token. When you have that, come back to Discord and chat up StarsBot again. This time, tell him the token you got:

token XXXXXX

So if your token was 654321, you send a message to StarsBot:

token 654321

That’s it. You’ll be registered for the freeroll. If you can finish in the top five of the freeroll, you’ll have a seat in the Road to Barcelona qualifier that’s giving away 50 packages to the PokerStars Barcelona Championship.


Here are the restrictions:

You need to provide your official PokerStars email address. Any other email address and your entry will disappear into the black hole of Mordor.

To make sure we get everybody registered into the freeroll, we are accepting Discord registrations only up until 12:00 noon Eastern time on Friday, June 30.

If you have any questions or problems, find us on Discord – the moderators will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Play well and you could be on your way to Barcelona for a free sea-side shot at hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Lee Jones first joined PokerStars in 2003 and has been part of the professional poker world for over 30 years. You can read his occasional Twitter-bites at @leehjones


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