Give and you will receive, the saying goes.

Arlie Shaban has given us plenty here at the PokerStars Blog over the last year or so, with the “12 Labors” being a highlight among many provided by the Twitch streamer.

Indeed, if it weren’t a term with negative connotations in poker, we might call the Team Pro a “donator” given all the time and energy he’s donated to making his stream one the more popular ones for poker.

Well, Arlie himself received quite a donation night before last — the largest he’s ever received, in fact.

As Arlie notes, yanksfan420 — a frequent viewer of his stream — gifted him a whopping $2,420 on Sunday night, earmarking the gift for him to play in the Spin & Go 20 challenge on PokerStars. Take a look at the moment Arlie saw the donation arrive:

What exactly is Spin & Go 20? Glad you asked, particularly since there’s still a few days left to join the fun.

Starting May 27, PokerStars players have been competing against each other in the Spin & Go 20 while vying for over $16,000 in prizes every single day. After opting into the challenge, results from the next 20 Spin & Go’s played (in a single day) earn players points enabling them to battle versus others on the Spin & Go 20 Leader Board. Players can play either a traditional Spin & Go or the new Spin & Go Max (with up to eight players) in order to earn points.

Points are awarded according to player finishes and which “tier” of Spin & Go was played, with four different tiers ranging from the lowest to highest limits. In fact, the competition has now moved into a second phase in which the points have been doubled, meaning from now through the last day of the promotion — June 16 — players can earn even more points for playing.

Finishing high on a given day’s leaderboard translates into cash prizes, ranging from $200 (for winning Tier 1) to $2,000 (for winning Tier 4) to lesser prizes for those finishing in the Top 50 in Tiers 1-3 and Top 20 in Tier 4. Click here for a full explanation of the Spin & Go 20 promotion and how you can win.

As noted, yanksfan420 wants Arlie to take aim at a Tier 4 title by playing 20 of the $100 buy-in Spin & Go Max events. That effort will no doubt be producing more entertainment for Arlie’s viewers.

Like they say, give and you will receive.

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