Give up the ghost? That depends if you like the new Halloween throwable or not

October 12, 2020inPoker

There’s man on our street who takes Hallowe’en to another level.

There’s the plastic corpse he hangs from a nearby streetlight.

And the drama troop he recruited one year to turn our quiet residential street into a scene from The Purge.

As you answered the door to a kid with a sheet over their head, a glowing face with a baseball bat would glide by on roller blades.

That’s tough to explain to anyone wearing Disney princess outfits or Harry Potter gowns.

There was no switching this off.

Which is not the case with our new Halloween throwable.

If you prefer not to have the new ghost throwable sent your way each time your get he better of an opponent, you can switch them off in your settings.

But if you like this kind of thing, well then here’s another of our Halloween specials for you to collect from today.

All you need to do to claim it for yourself is find one clue in the new Mystery House. What’s that? Well you can find out here.

And if not, remember you can easily turn them off in your settings. No one will ever know.



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