Getting real in Deauville

February 08, 2006

Is your glass half full or is it half empty? Or is it half full of nothing? If it has cost you nothing to qualify for a poker tournament, do you have nothing to lose, or everything to win?

I don’t know. I suspect it’s both, but for a definitive answer you should probably ask this guy.

Malcolm Gorse: this time it’s for real

His name is Malcolm Gorse, from Huddersfield, England and he downloaded the PokerStars software, opened his account with $50, and played around for long enough to earn 30 frequent player points (FPPs). He “spent” those on the entry “fee” for a super satellite to the 3,000 FPP Deauville qualifier. And won.

So, he then took his seat in his second qualifier and, guess what, he won that too. Then things started getting real. Here he is in France in the “real” game where some of his adversaries have even spent “real” money to play.

Nothing to lose and everything to win. It’s an appealing concept.


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