Get yourself hit by the deck with the latest throwable

May 28, 2020inPoker

We’re adding another new feature to your online repertoire from today. It allows you to send another virtual item hurting across the table whenever you see fit.

It’s part of our collection of throwable items designed to add a little emotion to the online realm.

You’ve seen the fireworks, and the box of tissues to cover the main bases.

This time a deck of cards…

the latest Throwable available from today

Save it for that special opponent who is getting all the cards… d back and wait for the obvious observations about getting hit by the deck literally and figuratively.

And it’ll be all thanks to you.

But this new deck of cards is only available for a short time. So, if you want to add it to your collection, you’ll need to complete some challenges first and be dealt all 52 hole cards in any real money game (cash or tournament).

And it’s collectable only for the next few weeks. Don’t waste time, get started on those challenges right away.

It’s just the latest collectable item to use on PokerStars, with more items announcing in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget you already have access to two items: Fireworks when the mood strikes to celebrate, and a box of tissues, for those occasions that require the opposite.

And remember, if you prefer not to see these items as you play, you can switch them off in the settings.

Otherwise, stay tuned for details of more new items in the coming weeks.



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