If you’re going to stream quads, do it with Olympian eye-witnesses

November 28, 2017

So, you’re sitting at home playing on PokerStars, streaming to a vast audience on Twitch watching your every move – who do you want calling on Facetime to pass the hours? Maybe your mother calling would be a little embarrassing, but maybe a good friend, especially if that friend happens to be the greatest Olympic swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps – from here on in known as the “GOAT” (that’s “Greatest Of All Time” if you’re not up to speed on your acronyms).

jeff_gross_quads_28nov17.jpg“Oh God hold!”

It’s perfect timing too. Because if you’re going to get dealt aces against kings, and make quads on the river, you’re going to want eye witnesses. Even better if they have Olympic credentials.

And, as we saw last week, even Team Pros can’t really contain themselves when they win big hands…

Quads with the GOAT indeed.

the day got even better for Jeff Gross, as you can read here.

You can watch more of Jeff Gross on his Twitch Channel

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