SCOOP 2014: GeoMansousos came to collect in Event #03-H [Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout]

May 05, 2014

Super progressive sounds genuinely pacified — but this $1,050 tournament, the high buy-in of SCOOP 2014’s Event 03 was far from it. In fact, it was a war of all against all. Because the two words on either side of “Super Progressive” were in fact, turbo and knockout. This was the third event of SCOOP, but finished the earliest with Events 01 and 02 stretching into a second day.

In the end it was the Türk GeoManousos who took it all down, for $117,626.90 in prize money and $31,842.23 in knockout bounties, an aggregate haul just shy of $150k. Not a bad day at the office.

It all began at 17:00 on the PokerStar’s clock. With a field around 800, the $400k guarantee was certainly not at risk. But this tournament just got bigger. And bigger. All told, 1,363 players signed up, more than a trebling the guarantee. People have been waiting for SCOOP’s return for a year, after all. And in four hours it was over.

Super Progression

The concept of a super-progressive knockout is a little progressive in of itself. But once you see it in action, and as a tournament deepens, the appeal becomes quite apparent. Unlike a fixed bounty tournament, where everyone has $X on their head, in a Progressive Knockout, people’s bounties change as they collect bounties themselves.

Every time someone eliminates another player, half of that player’s bounty goes into the scalper’s pocket, while the other half gets added to the scalper’s own bounty. That means someone responsible for sending many to the canvass will in turn accrue a target on their own back. By the time the final table rolled around (see picture below), this made for some giant bounties, especially since half the buy-in for the tournament, so $500 (hence the Super), was the initial bounty for everyone.

Run dat Game sat down at the final table with an unfathomable $30,267 on their head, meaning knocking them out would be an instant $15k payday for a lucky she or he who did. Think of what happens in the scenario when Run dat Game gets crippled to 1bb — how much fun is the next hand going to be?


Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: poluyter — 424,942 in chips
Seat 2: GeoManousos — 633,872 in chips
Seat 3: Demonic16 — 1,003,047 in chips
Seat 4: jpgossn — 221,984 in chips
Seat 5: HOMERos — 281,519 in chips
Seat 6: uknownProsky* — 493,749 in chips
Seat 7: czlol — 398,685 in chips
Seat 8: Isidinho — 1,343,792 in chips
Seat 9: Run dat Game — 2,013,420 in chips

HOMERos was in the unfortunate position of having five big blinds shortly after the final table began, with blinds at 250k-500k. Consequently, when they had opportunity, the moved all-in in late position, everyone having folded to them. Their hand was quite strong given all that, 4♣ 4♠. They received a call from the big blind, Run dat Game, who was looking to add to his gluttonous bounty’s obesity. It was an a flip by a hair, the K♥ 5♠ of Run dat Game outflopping HOMERos on K♦ 10♣ 10♦ and holding on the Q♥ 8♥ turn and river. HOMERos was there and gone, finishing in ninth for $7,496.50 with another $3,765.62 on top for their execution.

Next another five big blind stack, czlol, found another relatively strong hand, K♠ J♦, and let it rip after a few folds. In the small blind poluyter raised, never a good sign, to force out the Turkish big blind. They were ahead with A♦ 9♦, and flopped their at-risk opponent nearly dead on A♣ 9♣ 7♠, though two pairs were manufactured on the K♦ J♠ run out. For eighth czlol had won $13,289.25 which they paired with another five-figures in bounties, $10,859.37.

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This inaugurated a period of time that could be best described as Run dat Game doubling seemingly everyone at the table in a variety of ways. Despite that,the chip hound won a bevy of small pots to remain alive and dangerous.

With the big blind scraping six-figures at 80,000, even a million chip stack had to press, and press poluyter did, moving all-in third to act for 1M with 7♦ 7♣. Priced in the big blind, uknowProsky* had only began the hand with 2.5 big blinds and called with king-rag, K♠ 5♦. Unlike Run dat Game’s luck earlier, the pair held here, the Q♥ 6♠ 3♥ 9♦ Q♦ board posing no threat. The Danish uknowProsky* cashed for $20,104.25 with an extra $6,273.43 in bounties on top for seventh.


Stacks were becoming desperately short, but jpgossn still found room to minimum raise under the gun to 160,000 (with 740k to start the hand). Demonic16 out of the United Kingdom, found the king’s grace in the big blind, A♥ K♦, and moved all-in for less than their opponent’s stack, 562k total. Feeling priced in jpgossn called, and was dominated, holding K♣ 10♣ . Usually that domination would continue on a king high flop, but the presence of the 10♥ put Demonic16 in dire straits. A final five of 10♥ K♠ 2♥ 4♥ 6♠ meant a sixth-place exit, $26,919.25 out of the prize pool, and $16,499.98 from the bounty pool for the poor devil.

Run dat Game had lived up to his sobriquet and then some, seeking out some good ol’ fashioned pugilism at every opportunity. American-in-Mexico Chris Lovett’s run however, would fall short, after a string of lost races and bad beats. Everyone was responsible for a little piece of the action, herterofore quiet GeoManousos of Turkey ultimately doing the polishing after the mighty one-time chip leader was crippled. For their fifth-place exit Chris “Run dat Game” Lovett cashed $33,734.25 and nearly doubled that with another $32,150.34 in bounties.

Two folds was all it took now to lead to blind versus blind carnage and two folds it was to jpgossn, who shoved all-in on Isidinho’s big blind. The latter had 120k in the pot already and the former could sport just 835k in their entire stack, so when K♦ 7♦ (jpgossn) and Q♠ J♣ (Isidinho) went on their backs, it was not too much of a surprise. A K♣ Q♥ 2♥ flop hit both, but did not change fortunes. The J♥ turn certainly did, however, though jpgossn could still improve in a variety of ways. In many alternate universes, we are told, other cards fell. But in this one, it was the 10♥ on the river, and that meant fourth would have to suffice for the Argentine, who banked $10,999.99 in bounties before taking home another $47,432.40.

Three-handed was a more prolonged affair, which meant host (Team Online’s) acoimbra had an entire four hands to wait before congratulating the next player eliminated. That began with GeoManousos, possessor of over half the chips in play, shoving on the short-stacked blinds with K♣ 7♥. With only five big blinds remaining poluyter made a sure to be debated call with J♣ 9♦. The board ran out seven-high 4♠ 3♠ 2♦ 3♣ 7♠, meaning it was on to heads-up and a David versus Goliath type situation. Meanwhile if third place finisher poluyter added $64,742.50 and $11,128.89 together, they would have a good explanation for all the monies suddenly in their PokerStars account.


Eight hands of shove or fold poker ensued, and on the seventh hand GeoManousos rested, enjoying the fruits of their 3 to 1 chip advantage. Subsequently, however, they moved all-in with 4♥ A♠ on the button and were called by the K♣ Q♠ of Isidinho. It was a 60-40 for the win (or FTW as the kids say) and the 10♥ 2♥ 7♦ widened the gap between players. Any paint-filled card would do well by Isidinho, but it was the 8♠ on the turn, leaving them to six plain outs. The board paired, the river the 10♦, and Germany’s Isidinho grossed $85,187.50.from the prize pool and padded it with a frankly outrageous $36,055.61 in bounties.

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Congratulations to GeoManousos of Turkey! Not only for emerging from the middle of the final table pack, not to mention a field of 1,363 players, to scoop almost $150,000 but for winning the first title awarded (in real time, at least) of SCOOP 2014, that of Event 03’s prestigious high buy-in level!

SCOOP 03-H: $1050 NLHE Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout
Entrants: 1,363
Regular prize pool: $681,500
Bounty prize pool: $681,500
Places paid: 153

1. GeoManousos (Turkey) $117,626.90 ($31,842.23 bounties)
2. Isidinho (Germany) $85,187.50 ($36,055.61 bounties)
3. poluyter (Canada) $64,742.50 ($11,128.89 bounties)
4. jpgossn (Argentina) $47,432.40 ($16,499.98 bounties)
5. Run dat Game (Mexico) $33,734.25 ($32,150.34 in bounties)
6. Demonic16 (United Kingdom) $26,919.25 ($16,499.98 in bounties)
7. uknowProsky* (Netherlands) $20,104.25 ($6,273.42 in bounties)
8. czlol (Czech Republic) $13,289.25 ($10,859.37 in bounties)
9. HOMERos (Sweden) $7,496.50 ($3,765.62 in bounties)

There has only been one sunset so far this SCOOP! The series runs until May 18th with a host of tournaments at varying buy-in levels. Check out the full schedule to get in on the action.

Gareth Chantler is a contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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