Full house for Joe Cada

December 09, 2010


Well, I finally have an answer to the age-old question of “So, Joe, what did you buy with all your winnings from the World Series of Poker?” For a while I hadn’t bought much more than a stack of Blu-Ray DVDs at the local Best Buy, but I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a big purchase: I just bought a new house.

I don’t want to brag too much about the house, but it’s got a lot of really cool features that totally sold me on it. First of all, I don’t want to sound like a dork, but I guess I must be growing up because the place is very, very pretty. The whole thing just looks nice, and goes together very well. OK, sorry, no more dorky stuff.

Now, the cool stuff: The basement is basically like a clubhouse with a pool table, bar, kitchen – you name it. Some people have a man-cave, well, this is like a man-cavern. Plus, I know this is weird, but you know what really sold me on the bar? You can’t just go under it to get back there. You have to go through another room. Now, that’s a real bar.

There’s no pool, which I wanted, but there’s more than enough room for one, so I’ll probably put one in this summer.

This is a pretty big step for me, as my girlfriend will be moving some of her stuff in, and my guy friends will be moving back into their parents’ basements. Just kidding, guys. I’ve always had roommates, so it might be a little weird, but I’m moving right back to my old ‘hood, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem getting someone to stop by when I need some hang time. In fact, I’ll probably end up regretting how close I am to everyone!

In poker news, I had a decent score in October playing the PokerStars Sunday 500. There was over half a million in the prize pool, with over $88,000 going to first place. I ended up taking 8th for a little over $10,000, but I took a bit of a misstep at the final table. I had been really active at the final table. It folded to me in the cut-off and I had K♦Q♦. This is a hand that should be in everyone’s raising range, and so I raised it up. The big blind then three-bet me. I figured that because I had been so active, and because I was in late position, it was probably pretty easy for this guy to not put me for a hand as strong as I had, so I four-bet shipped on him. He called me with Queens. I got it in behind, and the right hand won. Still, a decent score.

And finally – a bittersweet day has already come and gone. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but I didn’t win back-to-back WSOP Main Events this year. I was there, however, to cheer on the eventual winner – John Duhamel. I’d have to say the guy played pretty good, and I can only hope he won’t have to endure all the “luckbox” abuse to I took! Oh, and I had a good laugh after he won, remembering how he was about to do about 10,000 interviews the next morning, noon, and night. Oh, and PokerStars picks up another World Series Main Event bracelet. Not bad. Congrats, John!

Right before that, I played a really cool charity event in Wichita, put on by the Main Event’s 10th-place finisher, Brandon Steven. It was actually a blast, and after seeing what an awesome town Wichita could be, I was happy we could be there to help the homeless in that city.

After all that, I headed to LA to play in The PokerStars North American Poker Tour. I played the heads-up and the main event, but couldn’t really make any noise in them. I think part of the issue is that I was really excited to get back in time for my one-year anniversary that I just had with my girlfriend, Patricia. Love you, babe.

On a very sad note, my Mom had to be admitted to the hospital. Don’t worry, she’s doing much better now and she’s out of the hospital, but things were pretty scary there for a minute as her small intestine ruptured as a result of some medication she was on. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, but it was totally worth it to be with my Mom. I told her now all I have to do is teach her to play poker and she can grind online while she rests up.

Next up for me is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas. I’m sure I’ll play way too many events. Last year I cashed in the high roller. This year, it’d be really nice to get another final table under my belt. We’ll see.

See you in the Bahamas!



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