EPT Dortmund: Winners and non-winners

March 10, 2009

From one point of view the story is of ShootingStar Sebastian Ruthenberg tripling up to keep his tournament alive. From another point of view the story is one of Barny Boatman losing a load of chips as Ruthenberg tripled up.

A huge crowd gathered for the hand, the Barcelona winner all-in with pocket tens while the other two players, one being Boatman, fought for each street before showdown. Boatman had got involved with pocket queens but the flop had brought a third ten, giving Ruthenberg the pot, to the soundtrack of “Die luck box” from the local rail.


Sebastian Ruthenberg

“It seems I can only win the small hands,” Boatman said later, thumbing at his chips.

Two tables down from this battle front, two former champions occupy table seven. Andreas Hoivold, who won the first ever EPT Dortmund back in season three, is in seat one, with the recent Warsaw winner Joao Barbosa in seat six. Barbosa just moved close to the 20,000 mark after calling an A-J all-in with his own A-Q, all with queen-friendly results.

Not running so well is Marcin Horecki. The Team PokerStars Pro just busted after moving in with his last 4,000 with [10D]-[8D], only to be called with [AD]-[9D]. That sealed it for the Pole.


He may be gone but Marcin Horecki looked cool while he was here

Stop press: Barny Boatman is out.

It took two hands. On the first Boatman had showed a big bluff holding [8D]-[9D], taking down the pot.

“Next hand he thinks I’m at it,” said Barny in the post-mortem.

On a flop of [9H]-[6D]-[6H] Boatman had moved in holding A-6 off-suit, only to be called by the same player as before, this time holding [KH]-[JH]. Boatman’s trips were only good if they dodged a heart, a heart which duly came on the turn as the bell went for the end of level six. Boatman was covered but only just – the difference just one green chip worth 25.

“I didn’t want one chip,” said Boatman before hot footing it for the door.


While Ruthenberg counts his lucky (shooting) stars countryman Johannes Strassmann spoke to the video bloggers about his current run of form…

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Johannes Strassman Day 1a (English) on PokerStars.tv


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