“vinetu” wins half price Sunday Million, High Roller Club titles for “Fresh_oO_D”, “Lena900” and “C.Darwin2”

February 24, 2020inPoker

This weekend was half price Sunday, with three major tournaments featuring reduced buy-ins, including the Sunday Million. The High Roller Club attracted the biggest names in online poker, with top ranked pros among those to pick up titles.

  • “cataccc7” takes first place in half price Sunday Warm-up
  • High Roller Club titles for Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, “Fresh_oO_D” and Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson
  • “vinetu” wins half price Sunday Million
  • Highlights from the weekend majors


“vinetu” wins half price Sunday Million, “caraccc7” cracks the Warm-up

This weekend was half price Sunday. Three major tournaments featured reduced entry whilst still offering their usual sweet guarantees.

The $54.50 Sunday Million reached a total prize pool of $1,276,250 from 25,525 entries. The special two-day event concluded with an exciting final table of action, with even stacks and all to play for between the table of hopefuls.

“vinetu” from Croatia emerged as the eventual winner, taking $129,556, easily their most epic poker moment so far. To make it to the top spot, they had to get through top ranked Argentinian pro Leandro “leitalopez” Bustillo, winner of the 2016 WCOOP special edition Sunday Million. Bustillo finished second, adding $93,139 to his total of over $3 million in online winnings.

In third place came German player “Poker1502”, who earned $66,986 for their efforts, still a lifechanging score. Also on the final table were “mumu_on_fire”, “beaudinn”, “KiZaru800”, “xatzo”, “Hi-money88” and “hands0me”.

Also running for half the price, the Sunday Warm-up reached a total prize pool of $350,100.

Down to the last three, and a deal was made to smooth out the top prizes. 2017 SCOOP winner “cataccc7″ from Romania took their biggest win ever, earning $39,298 for first place. “Grindebolhas” from Brazil came second for $37,816, with ‘laniesto’ from the Netherlands finishing third for $33,126.

Over in the Sunday Storm, “LIGA2188″ turned their humble $5.50 entry fee into $12,898 for first place following a four way chop on the final table. “Harwin995″ finished second, “SlavakPCC” third, and “El Smooth” fourth.

Here are the final table results from the half price Sunday Million:

Player Country Prize
vinetu Croatia $129,556
leitalopez Argentina $93,139
Poker1502 Germany $66,968
mumu_on_fire Germany $48,150
beaudinn Netherlands $34,621
KiZaru800 Germany $24,892
xatzo Greece $17,898
Hi-money88 Cyprus $12,896
hands0me Belarus $9,253


Highlights from weekend majors

In the regular weekend majors, “Langolier86″ from Russia added to a string of successful runs in Bounty Builder style events. They won the $215 Saturday KO for $6,723, plus an incredible $8,075 in knockouts. “FatTony609″ from Finland came second for the same prize money, also picking up $1,161 in bounties.

“chrischris44” from Poland earned themselves $9,537 for first place in the Sunday Kick-off, fending off second place “panagaio” from Greece and third place “rojorulez”, a recent big winner in the Winter Series.

Klobe83″ from Canada took down this weekend’s Sunday Marathon, earning $13,110 after staying focused for nearly 13 hours of exciting deepstack play.

Arlem9″ from Brazil also ended the night with a notable big score. They recently final tabled the Sunday Million, crashing out fifth, but this weekend it was the Mini Sunday Million that brought redemption. Arlem9 earned $18,575 from the $22 buy-in event.

In the Sunday Cooldown, “Monkey-K1ng” from Canada came first for $9,553, also earning themselves $4,253 in knockouts along the way. Second place “ThePurge1609″ from the Netherlands took $9,553, but with only $617 in bounties.

deivid29″ from the UK was the winner of this week’s Sunday Supersonic, earning $20,523 in just over an hour and a half of hyper-turbo madness. “B00mslang” from Germany finished second for $14,695.


Simon “C.Darwin2” Mattsson and “Fresh_oO_D” win HRC titles, KennedyPK97 wins Bounty Builder via satellite

Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, cool as ever

The High Roller Club was rockin’ and rollin’ this weekend, with big action from familiar faces and top pros.

Multi-time SCOOP champ and High Roller Series beast Simon “C.Darwin2″ Mattsson continued to show their dominance in the poker kingdom. They took down the HRC Sunday Warm-up, earning $29,806 after battling through a field of elite players. And when we say elite, we mean elite…

POKERPRO 2.0″ from Germany, who has accumulated hundreds of thousands in COOP winnings, came in second place for $23,152. SCOOP and WCOOP title holder Samuel “€urop€an” Vousden finished third for $17,984. Thomas “WushuTM” Muehlocker, who we know has had loads of big scores, came fourth, and, in fifth place came multi-time WCOOP winner ‘pads1161’. Phew… not an easy table.

Second place POKERPRO 2.0 also later went on to win the HRC Supersonic, adding a further $24,761 to their impressive weekend total.

The $530 HRC Bounty Builder came with a boosted guarantee and reached a final prize pool of $567,500. KennedyPK97″ from the UK finished first for $40k, also earning an impressive $34,482 in bounties. KennedyPK97 gained entry to the event via a $68 satellite. Their total winnings for the tournament came to $74,614, giving them a 1096% return on their buy-in.

192.168.7734″ came second in the Bounty Builder, earning $40k plus $5,705 in KOs, and proving they are more than just a number.

In the $2,100 Sunday HR, multi-time COOP winner ‘Fresh_o0_D’ cut a heads-up deal with Brazilian player edudrake1987″. Fresh_o0_D went on to win the event, taking a total of $36,879 for first. edudrake1987’ took $34,384 for second place.

Elsewhere, top ranked Niklas “Lena900” Astedt came first place in HRC Cooldown. He added $13,426 to his lifetime, plus bounties to the tally of $19,093.

In the new HRC Sunday Marathon tournament, UK pro Sergi “srxakgirona” Reixach took on tough competition to finish first place for $18,746. In second place came Sektor17″ from Finland, and in third place came 2018 SCOOP $109 Main Event winner Cashcid Linc”.

Here are the top five High Roller Club results from the weekend:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $2,100 Sunday HR Fresh_oO_D Germany $36,879
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder KennedyPK97 UK $40,007 (+ $34,482 bounties)
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up C.Darwin2 Sweden $29,806
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic POKERPRO2.0 Austria $24,761
HRC: $530 Sunday Marathon srxakgirona UK $18,746


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