FPS Monaco: Sebastian Supper steers way to Main Event victory, wins €177,000

May 03, 2015

From the 993 who entered this year’s France Poker Series Monaco Main Event PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final, just seven were left for today’s final day of play. Its ups and downs seemed fitting amid all of the mountainous terrain here in Monte Carlo. So, too, did all of the rapid twists and hairpin turns of Day 4 remind us of the roads surrounding the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel. In the end it was a student — one for whom geography is a favorite subject — who negotiated the path to victory, 29-year-old German Sebastian Supper.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-583_Sebastian Supper.jpg

Sebastian Supper – FPS Monaco Main Event champion

The American Michael Ferrari had made the official final table late last night before falling in eighth, which left seven to start today.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-486_final table.jpg

The final seven

The young Spaniard, Pablo Gordillo, brought the biggest stack by far to the start of play today, chips earned via an aggressive style he continued to employ early on while pressuring the other six.

Meanwhile two short stacks met their ends in short order. First to go was the Brazilian Sergio Braga, who couldn’t last through the day’s initial orbit to fall in seventh.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-493_Sergio Braga.jpg

Sergio Braga – 7th place

And soon after the Italian, Luca Moschitta, followed Braga to the rail in sixth.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-495_Luca Moschitta.jpg

Luca Moschitta – 6th place

Eventually the others closed the gap with Gordillo, with the Frenchman Gilles Silbernagel claiming the lead for a short while, then Gordillo’s fellow countryman Manuel Martinez grabbing the lead away as Gordillo’s fortunes began to slide.

Martinez would build his lead further, then Supper would finally kickstart his day by knocking out EPT4 London champion Joseph Mouawad in fifth when Supper’s pocket nines held against Mouawad’s ace-queen.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-490_Joseph Mouawad.jpg

Joseph Mouawad – 5th place

Relegated to short-stacked status thereafter, Gordillo would ultimately fall in fourth when his king-queen couldn’t outrun Silbernagel’s pocket jacks.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-509_Pablo Gordillo.jpg

Pablo Gordillo – 4th place

Like a driver taking one of those Monte Carlo turns just a little too quickly for comfort, it was then the tournament started to veer somewhat wildly.

Down to just a half-dozen big blinds at one point, Silbernagel doubled up once, then doubled again after making a straight versus Supper. He soon made another straight versus Martinez’s two pair to double again, then after falling back would double through Martinez yet again to grab the chip lead.

Meanwhile Supper fell down to even fewer BBs — less than five — before managing to triple up versus both of his opponents with pocket tens, then chip up further into second position.

Dinner then seemed to suit Supper. Everything went his way from that point forward, starting with the hand of the tournament that took place just after play resumed.

With the board showing 3♣6♥4♠7♣, betting between Silbernagel and Supper resulted in the latter being all in. As it happened both had straights, as Silbernagel had K♠5♠ and Supper 9♦5♥. But the 8♥ landed on the river to give Supper a better straight, giving him the pot and — suddenly — the chip lead.

No one was more surprised than Supper.

“I didn’t even know!” he said, not having realized the freerolling opportunity. Now he was in the driver’s seat, and he would run Silbernagel down in third shortly thereafter.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-551_Gilles Silbernagel.jpg

Gilles Silbernagel – 3rd place

After being nearly down to the felt, Supper was taking a 7-to-1 chip lead versus Martinez to the starting line of heads-up play. Supper withstood one double by Martinez, but on the next all-in was able to draw a winning flush to claim top honors.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-497_Manuel Martinez.jpg

Manuel Martinez – 2nd place

What a turnaround it had been!


A finish satisfying Supper

“I don’t play many tournaments,” explained Supper afterwards, noting how he’d won his way here via a 10-euro rebuy tournament on PokerStars in which he’d invested a grand total of just €30.

“It’s pretty incredible,” he grinned, saying how he will be continuing his studies (of both geography and chemistry), but that “it’s always nice to have some money to fall back on.”

He will, however, perhaps indulge a little to buy something nice for himself. And again, there seemed something especially appropriate about the item he’s considering purchasing.

“I’m looking for a car at the moment,” he said. “So maybe it will be a little bit of a nicer one.”

Congratulations to Sebastian Supper for making his way through a huge FPS Monaco Main Event field to the finish line and the victory.

Final table profiles
Final table; Level 29-32 updates
Final table; Level 33-35 updates

FPS Monaco Main Event final table results
Entrants: 993
Prize pool: €963,210
Places paid: 143

1. Sebastian Supper (Germany) — €177,000
2. Manuel Martinez (Spain) — €107,500
3. Gilles Silbernagel (France) — €75,400
4. Pablo Gordillo (Spain) — €56,600
5. Joseph Mouawad (USA) — €43,800
6. Luca Moschitta (Italy) — €32,700
7. Sergio Braga (Brazil) — €23,500
8. Michael Ferrari (USA) — €16,750

There’s tons more to come from Monaco this week, with the Main Event already underway plus a panoply of side action filling every corner. Stick close to the PokerStars Blog for reports on everything from the EPT11 Grand Final.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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