FPS Monaco: Former Rugby pro David Susigan wins FPS High Roller and €126,155

May 03, 2015


FPS High Roller David Susigan

This event was meant to finish yesterday but in the early hours of Sunday morning, when there were still 10 people left, it was clear to all that this wasn’t on the cards. So the clock was paused and players were given a few options, the most popular of which was to play on until 5am and then return today at 1pm to play it out. The main reason for this was so that the players could then enter the main event, which most were keen to do.

However one man who had no intention of playing the main event and whose sole focus was on this event was David Susigan. Tonight the 30-year-old former Rugby player is €126,155 richer after winning the event. Thanks to a timely double knockout blow with 10 players left he entered the final table as chip leader and whilst he didn’t hold the chip lead all the way through he had it when it mattered most. And get this, his position on the rugby field is hooker and his winning hand was pocket jacks aka hooks. “It’s crazy I haven’t the words to explain what I feel,” he said after winning before paying respect to his opponent’s. “It was very hard because I was very tired and the players were very good.”

Indeed they were, seven players returned today and by the time the final five were reached it’s fair to say that Susigan was one of the least experienced. But even after Bryan Paris (5th), Paul Hoefer (4th) and Neil Strike (3rd) were sent on there way he still had get past Yury Gulyy.


Bryan Paris – fifth


Gulyy’s got guile

The Russian player has a slew of cashes on the EPT and beyond and with even chip stacks the two struck a deal heads-up. Their contest was always likely to come down to one big hand and so it proved. At the same time as Susigan found J♥J♣ Gulyy had a big ace, ace-ten to be precise. The chips went in but the board stayed low to give Susigan the win. “This is my best moment, it’s the first time I’ve won a poker tournament,” Susigan told us.


A focused Susigan

The Frenchman played mostly third division rugby in France for teams like Dijon, Chalon-sur-Saône and Castanet but was forced to retire. “I just finish. I retire because of a lot of injuries to my knees and a shoulder,” he explained. Plenty of ex-sportsmen and woman have taken to poker but Susigan was keeping his cards close to his chest when it came to saying if poker will turn into something more than a hobby. “We will see, I love to play poker so now we will see.I will continue with rugby but not play professionally, there are a lot of similar skills needed in poker and rugby like focus.”

Tonight whilst most of those he played against tuck into another tournament he’s back off to Toulouse to see his partner Celine.

Event #21, €2,000 FPS Highroller Final Table Results

1st. David Susigan, France, €126,155*
2nd. Yury Gulyy, Russia, €109,345*
3rd. Neil Strike, United Kingdom, €66,100
4th. Paul Hoefer, Germany, €53,400
5th. Bryan Paris, USA, €42,300
6th. Filippo Lazzaretto, Italy, €32,600
7th. Laszlo Telek, Hungary, €24,200
8th. Marcel Vadella, France, €17,500
*denotes heads-up deal


The elite eight

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