FPS Monaco: David Susigan leads €2,000 High Roller final table

May 02, 2015

Whilst a penalty shoot out is an exciting way to conclude a sporting contest it can often lead to a feeling of what if, especially if the best team on the day loses. Whilst it’s not an exact analogy to what might have happened in the FPS €2,000 High Roller it was very much on the cards.

At a little past 3am in Monaco 10 players remained in with a shot of claiming the title, but play would have to end today at 5.45am as that’s when the venue closes. The tournament clock was paused and a member of tournament staff explained the situation to the players. “This tournament as it is now will take around 10 hours of play plus breaks to finish,” he explained. He then laid out the options to the players.

Option A: At 5.45am the prize pool will be chopped between the remaining players based on chip count (not ICM)
Option B: We reduce the clock to 30 minutes instead of the current one hour levels
Option C: We finish play at 5.45am and then return to finish the tournament at a time that all players agree on.


Nobody loved a chip chop

There then followed some discussion during which it was explained to players that option A was the default option and that is what would happen could they not all come to an agreement. Despite a mix of languages – including Russian – fairly swiftly the players resolved that they’d play on today and then return to play it out at 1pm as anyone wishing to enter the main event can do so up until the start of Day 2. There’s a precedence for this as at EPT11 Deauville with eight players remaining the tournament was put on hiatus as most of those involved were planning on playing Day 1B of the Main Event.

Not long after this was agreed David Susigan picked up kings and scored a double knock out to eliminate Carlos Chadha (10th) who had tens and Quirin Zech (9th) who had jacks, and crucially, more chips than Chadha. The ever friendly Chadha said: “At least you made the pay jump, great playing with you man.”

With that the final table was set and with blinds at 15,000/30,000 ante 4,000 they line up like this:

Seat one: Marcel Vadella, France, 700,000
Seat two: Laszlo Telek, Hungary, 846,000
Seat three: Neil Strike, United Kingdom, 1,750,000
Seat four: Bryan Paris, USA, 2,000,000
Seat five: David Susigan, France, 2,350,000
Seat six: Yury Gulyy, Russia, 2,050,000
Seat seven: Paul Hoefer, Germany, 810,000
Seat eight: Filippo Lazzaretto, Italy, 965,000

And this is what they’re playing for:

1st. €144,100
2nd. €91,400
3rd. €66,100
4th. €53,400
5th. €42,300
6th. €32,600
7th. €24,200
8th. €17,500


What means more the trophy or the money?

A long time ago at the start of Day 2 a total of 117 players returned to do battle and 55 of those got paid. By the time 32 remained you could’ve randomly selected eight players from the final four tables and have come up with a stacked final table, it was just a case of who was going to get there. Plenty of big names tried to get rich but died trying including: Luciana Manolea (11th), David Peters (13th), Nicolas Cardyn (15th), Franck Kalfon (16th), Michael Tureniec (18th), Nicolau Villa-Lobos (19th), Jake Cody (20th), Joao Vieira (21st), Ihar Soika (23rd), Moshin Charania (27th), Shyam Srinivasan (28th) and Ben Heath (30th).


Joao Vieira and Jake Cody both went deep

They are all free to play the Main Event tomorrow, as of course are the final eight. The only question is will they be playing one big event tomorrow or two? To find out, join us again tomorrow, but for now goodnight.


Beautiful Monaco

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