FPS Deauville: Level 27-30 updates (50,000/100,000/10,000)

February 01, 2015

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5.10pm: Break time
Players are on a 20-minute break.

4.52pm: Medjahed doubles through Luca
It’s not been a good ten minutes for Ivan Luca, Abdelkader Medjahed just shoved for his last 665,000 and Luca made the call with A♣3♦. Medjahed showed K♦3♣ and spiked a king on the flop of a 2♣4♥4♣Q♣J♥ board to stay in the tournament. Medjahed moved up to 1.4 million while Luca dropped to 2 million.

4.43pm: Luca caught
Oleg Vasylchenko just managed to induce a bluff from Ivan Luca, the board was reading 7♣3♦6♣2♦5♣ and the Ukrainian checked. Luca bet 510,000 and Vasylchenko called very quickly.

Luca showed Q♦J♠ and Vasylchenko picked up the pot with 6♦6♠. Luca dropped down to about 2.6 million while Vasylchenko moved up to 5.2 million

4.38pm: Wei Hu eliminated in 11th place (€16,200)
Wei Hu just went out in a huge pot on the river of a 6♦5♦4♠J♥4♦ board. He moved in at the end holding K♦3♦ but Nicolas Hamouni called instantly with 4♣4♥ for quads. Hu was crippled and went out soon after. Hamouni is up to 7.5 million, he’s regained the chip lead.

4.26pm: Bruno Michels eliminated in 12th place (€14,100)
Yohan Figueiras has just gone on a little run with his second elimination in just a short space of time. Bruno Michels had moved all in preflop and Figueiras made the call.

Michels: Q♦10♦
Figueiras: 10♣10♠

The board came 10♥K♠2♦2♣Q♣ and Figueiras increased his stack over 3 million.


Action on the feature table

4.15pm: Grzegorz Krajewski eliminated in 13th place (€14,100)
A very short-sacked Grzegorz Krajewski was all in preflop with K♥5♥ for his last 600,000 and Yohan Figueiras reraised all in behind him holding A♥Q♣.

The latter flopped two pair on a Q♦A♦4♠6♥K♦ board and the Polish player was knocked out.

4.07pm: Level 30 – 50,000/100,000 (10,000)
It’s time for the fourth level of the day.

4.03pm: Garat doubles through Lambertz
Vincent Garat, who looks a bit like a young French Howard Lederer according to Sacha Israel, has doubled up to 3 million. He was all in with ace-queen against Felix Lambertz’ ace-king and spiked a queen to survive. Lambertz still has about 3.5 million left.

3.50pm: Luca and Vasylchenko sparring
There’s a real battle between Ivan Luca and Oleg Vasylchenko. On the river of a 4♠8♣K♠5♥7♠ board, Luca raised the Ukrainian player’s 375,000 bet to 1.245 million. Vasylchenko tanked for several minutes before eventually folding.

The next hand saw Vasylchenko raised to 160,000 on the button, Luca made it 480,000 in the small blind before Vasylchenko responded with a four-bet to 1 million. This time the Argentinian was doing the tanking before he folded.

“I love this table,” said Sacha Israel.

3.41pm: Donato Sparavilla eliminated in 14th place (€12,300)
Italian player Donato Sparavilla has been knocked out. He pushed with ace-king for about 630,000 and Oleg Vasylchenko made the call with king-seven, spiking a seven to leave 13 players left.

3.31pm: Picault left short
Oleg Vasylchenko check-called a bet of a 185,000 on a 7♠K♦Q♠ board before also checking the 7♣ turn to Anthony Picault. The Frenchman bet 425,000 this time and Vasylchenko took several minutes before he announced all in, Picault folded instantly. The Ukrainian is up to 3.6 million while Picault dropped to 800,000.


Wei Hu knocks out Antoine Chuzevile

3.19pm: Antoine Chuzevile eliminated in 15th place (€12,300)
Wei Hu opened to 190,000 preflop and Antoine Chuzevile moved all in for about 1.2 million. Hu thought for about three minutes then made the call.

Chuzevile: A♦K♦
Hu: 8♠8♣

The board came 6♦6♣2♣Q♠Q♦ and Hu held on, he’s up to 3.6 million.

3.07pm: Level 29 – 40,000/80,000 (10,000)
Players are back in their seats as this tournament continues.

2.47pm: Break time
Players are on a 20-minute break. Some of the chips have been coloured up and the 100,000 chip plaques have been introduced. A few players really like them, others like Felix Lambertz are not fans.

2.35pm: Krajewski doubles through Chuzevile
Grzegorz Krajewski just doubled up his short stack back to around 800,000 or so, he was all in with 7♥7♦ against Antoine Chuzevile’s 3♣3♦ and the board came a three-less 8♣J♦A♥Q♦A♠.

2.28pm: Picault doubles up
Anthony Picault moved all in for 405,000 and Sacha Israel made the call.

Picault: A♥K♦
Israel: [8h8d]

The board was A♣J♠3♠2♣6♥ and the short stack survived.

2.12pm: Edmond Melamed eliminated in 16th place (€10,700)
Edmond Melamed moved all in for his last 470,000 preflop and Nicolas Hamouni made the call two seats to Melamed’s left. Everyone else folded.

Melamed: A♦Q♠
Hamouni: 9♥9♦

The Q♥7♥8♥ flop put Melamed ahead but gave Hamouni a flush draw. The 6♠ on the turn also gave the latter a straight draw and the 5♣ on the river completed Hamouni’s straight. He’s got about 4 million now.

1.50pm: Redraw for two tables

Player Table Seat Chip count
Felix Lambertz 1 1 6,600,000
Sacha Israel 1 2 3,000,000
Oleg Vasylchenko 1 3 2,200,000
Yohan Figueiras 1 4 2,400,000
Ivan Luca 1 5 2,100,000
Vincent Garat 1 6 2,150,000
Anthony Picault 1 7 750,000
Donato Sparavilla 1 8 630,000

Abdelkader Medjahed 2 1 1,405,000
Wei Hu 2 2 195,000
Grzegorz Krajewski 2 3 500,000
Bruno Michels 2 4 2,250,000
Edmond Melamed 2 5 650,000
Antoine Chuzevile 2 6 1,600,000
Nicolas Hamouni 2 7 3,000,000
Anthony Apicella 2 8 2,000,000


Sacha Israel, currently second in chips

1.34pm: Lars Letmark Sundelius eliminated in 17th place (€10,700)
It’s game over for PokerStars qualifier Lars Letmark Sundelius, he pushed with K♣10♠ but ran into Felix Lambertz Q♣Q♠. The board came T-6-8-5-A with no suits and Lambertz moved up to 6.5 million. A great first level for the German player.

1.30pm: Level 28 – 30,000/60,000 (10,000)

1.25pm: Florian Lebaigue eliminated in 18th place (€9,200)
Florian Lebaigue was just eliminated on the TV table, he held ace-eight but could not beat Wei Hu’s ace-king. The latter now has 1.6 million. 17 players are left.

1.16pm: Pierre Hebert eliminated in 19th place (€9,200)
A slight mix-up occurred during Pierre Hebert’s exit. The Frenchman had moved in for about 585,000 and Felix Lambertz had quickly shoved his stack in the middle and turned over A♥A♦. However Hebert had 75,000 back and he was told he could either fold or call for the remain chips. With no real option, Herbert called off his chips and turned over J♣J♥.

The board came Q♠6♥2♦2♣A♣ and Lambertz chip lead grew further, the German has 5.6 million now. However, he was given a one-round penalty as a result of exposing his cards, which Lambertz wasn’t too happy about.

1.10pm: €2k High Roller Update
There’s just over 100 players left in the FPS €2,000 High Roller event. Team PokerStars Pro Online Gabriel Nassif was just eliminated with queens against ace-king but Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is still in the mix. 55 places are being paid.


Chip leader Felix Lambertz

1.04pm: Romain Le Dantec eliminated in 20th place (€9,200)
Donato Sparavilla opened to 110,000 preflop before Felix Lambertz made it 220,000 behind him. Romain Le Dantec moved all in for 1.6 million and Sparavilla thought for a minute or two before folding what he later said was ace-queen. Lambertz called instantly with pocket kings and Le Dantec turned over ace-king. The Frenchman was unable to make a straight or a pair of aces on the board and was eliminated. Lambertz moved up to 5 million in chips, regaining the chip lead.

12.53pm: Vadim Shlez eliminated in 21st place (€7,900)
Vadim Shlez moved all in preflop from middle position and Donato Sparavilla called off his stack from the big blind.

Shlez: A♠3♠
Sparavilla: A♣K♠

Somehow Shlez managed to miss on a 9♠5♠2♥5♥Q♣ board and Sparavilla doubled up to over a million. Shlez was left with just 100,000 or so and this went in with king-five, Sparavilla called with ace-king and finished off the American. 20 players remain.

12.47pm: Dietrich Moritz eliminated in 22nd place (€7,900)
Ivan Luca opened to 100,000 preflop and Dietrich Moritz moved all in from the button behind him for around 400,000. Luca made the call.

Luca: A♠3♠
Moritz: K♠K♦

The board came A♦5♠9♥7♠A♥ and Luca spiked two aces to increase his chip lead further.

12.44pm: Picault doubles through Le Dantec
A double up for Anthony Picault, who moved all in for around 600,000 over the top of Romain Le Dantec’s initial 100,000 raise. Le Dantec called and the two were off to the races.

Picault: A♦J♦
Le Dantec: 6♣6♥

The board came J♣9♣3♣7♠5♦ and Picault survivied.

12.35pm: Table draw
Name Table Seat Chip Count
Grzegorz Krajewski 1 1 725,000
Anthony Apicella 1 2 2,700,000
Florian Lebaigue 1 3 515,000
Oleg Vasylchenko 1 4 1,260,000
Yohan Figueiras 1 5 2,565,000
Wei Hu 1 6 1,165,000
Edmond Melamed 1 8 790,000

Dietrich Moritz 2 1 475,000
Bruno Michels 2 3 1,960,000
Antoine Chuzevile 2 4 960,000
Abdelkader Medjahed 2 5 900,000
Nicolas Hamouni 2 6 2,825,000
Sacha Israel 2 7 3,045,000
Ivan Luca 2 8 3,265,000

Pierre Hebert 3 1 390,000
Donato Sparavilla 3 2 510,000
Vincent Garat 3 3 2,135,000
Felix Lambertz 3 4 3,035,000
Romain Le Dantec 3 5 2,300,000
Anthony Picault 3 6 655,000
Vadim Shlez 3 7 780,000
Lars Letmark Sundelius 3 8 795,000

12.30pm: Level 27 – 25,000/50,000 (5,000)
And the final day of this tournament has begun. Just 22 players remain but only one player will take home €197,000.

12.00pm: 12.30pm start
The tournament will be getting underway in around half an hour. The bags and tables are being set-up in the far corner of the tournament room.

11.45am: Ivan Luca leads final day of FPS Deauville
In case you’re wondering who the chip leader is, here is a short biography on the man currently leading this record-breaking event.

LAPT Punte del Este finalist Ivan “Negriin” Luca hails from Argentina but is on an extended international poker tour after winning packages for EPT Prague and the PCA. In Prague, he had two great cashes – runner-up in the €500 NL Deepstack Turbo for €12,000 and third in the €4k NL Deepstack 4×4 for €33,900. In January, he headed to the Bahamas (after winning a total of four packages!) where he had another great result: 33rd in the $25k High Roller for $44,540.


Chip leader Ivan Luca


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