FPS Deauville: Level 23-26 updates (20,000/40,000/5,000)

January 31, 2015

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9.20pm: Play has now
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9.16pm: Huge double for Figueiras
A huge double up at the end for PokerStars qualifier Yohan Figueiras. He was all in for just shy of 1.3 million in chips with A♠Q♣ against chip leader Felix Lambertz’ A♠Q♣. The J♣2♣Q♦ flop had given Lambertz the lead but Figueiras hit the nut flush on the 9♣ turn. The 8♥ on the river being meaningless.

Figueiras doubled up to about 2.6 million while Lambertz was knocked back down to 3 million – putting Ivan Luca into the chip lead as play finished.

9.14pm: Makhoul out in the final three hands
Eddie Makhoul is out in a big pot to Sacha Israel. Makhoul’s J♥J♣ proved no use against his compatriot’s A♦A♣ on a K♣2♣5♥7♥9♥ board.

9.08pm: Winding dow
The floor have just draw a total of three more hands. Then play will end and the remaining players will return tomorrow.

8.55pm: Naydenov gets flushed out
Simeon Naydenov is out, he had reraised all in on a 4♥2♥7♥ flop but was quickly called by Ivan Luca. Naydenov needed to hit with K♥9♦ as Luca had flopped a flush with 6♥5♥. The K♣ turn and 7♣ river changed nothing and the Bulgarian was out. Luca moved up to 3.3 million.

8.40pm: Redraw
The tournament is down to 24 players and they are redrawing for three tables. The floor staff have informed us that the tournament will finish for the night at the end of this level.

8.30pm: Lambertz in charge
PokerStars qualifier Felix Lambertz and Ali Zrari must have played out a huge pot as the latter is out and Lambertz is currently sitting with around 4.3 million now, making him the new chip leader.

8.12pm: Chip leaders
Nicolas Hamouni – 3.2 million
Felix Lambertz – 2.8 million
Anthony Apicella – 2.42 million
Vincent Garat – 1.9 million
Eddie Makhoul – 1.55 million

8.05pm: Level 26 – 20,000/40,000 (5,000)
This is officially the final level of the day but the floor staff want the tournament to get down to the final 16 players. They will make a decision at the end of this level.

8.00pm: Medjahed eliminates Fratty
Abdelkader Medjahed just knocked out Michael Fratty. Medjahed held J♥J♠ to Fratty’s 10♥10♣ with the board coming 7♥A♦K♣4♠6♦. Medjahed now has 1.4 million.


Jimmy Guerrero

7.49pm: Hu doubles through Guerrero
Wei Hu is up to 1.1 million after his A♥Q♠ beat Jimmy Guerrero’s 9♥9♦ on the river of a 6♣8♦3♥3♦Q♣. Guerrero was left with 330,000.

7.36pm: Medjahed doubles up
Abdelkader Medjahed just doubled up to 800,000 through Simeon Naydenov with A♣Q♦ against the Bulgarian’s A♥4♥. After the board came J♦5♦7♦Q♦9♦, Medjahed gave himself a lengthy round of applause, there was a slight counting error which led to a bit of a debate between the two players. A member of the floorstaff came by to calm Medjahed down and the incident dissipated. Naydenov was left with roughly 400,000.


Another busy down in Deauville

7.25pm: Torres eliminated
Action has really slowed down in the last hour or so but Marco Torres has just become the latest person to be knocked out. He pushed with 10♠9♦ and Fabrice Somers made the call with K♣Q♣. The board was A♣4♣A♠Q♠J♦ and Torres left the table.

7.13pm: Grillet skewered
Cedric Grillet moved all in for about 390,000 from the small blind and Eddie Makhoul tanked for about a minute before making the call. Grillet flipped 8♠8♦ and Makhoul showed K♠J♦. The board came J♣Q♣5♣4♦4♠, Grillet went out in 37th place and Makhoul moved up to 1.45 million.

7.05pm: Chip counts
Click here for the chip counts from the end of level 24.

7.02pm: Level 25 – 15,000/30,000 (4,000)
The players are back for the seventh level of the day.

6.45pm: Break time
Players are on a 15-minute break.

6.40pm: Naydenov wins again
In the last hand of the level Simeon Naydenov raised to 50,000 before Florent Le Neillon made it 115,000. The Bulgarian responded by moving all in for around 900,000 and Le Neillon took several minutes before eventually folding. Naydenov moved over the 1 million mark.


Florent Le Neillon was just forced to fold in a big pot against Simeon Naydenov

6.35pm: Hamouni ships another big pot
Nicolas Hamouni has increased his chip lead even further. After both he and his opponent had checked the turn of a 5♦10♥9♣K♥ board with over 700,000 already in the middle, Hamouni led out for 414,000 on the 6♣ river and his foe tanked for several minutes before folding, later claiming he had queens. Hamouni is up to about 2.5 million

6.14pm: Sparavilla’s big bluff fails
Donato Sparavilla just got caught making a big bluff, moving all in on the river of a K♠K♣10♠6♥6♣ only to be snap-called by Yohan Figueiras. Sparavilla showed Q♠J♣ for a missed straight draw and Figueiras turned over K♦8♠ for a full house. Sparavilla dropped to 450,000 and Figueiras moved up to 1.37 million.

5.59pm: Ravier eliminated by Krajewski
Grzegorz Krajewski is up to 950,000 after knocking out Florian Ravier. Krajewski’s 8♠8♦ held firm against Ravier’s A♥J♠ on a 6♣3♥7♠3♣9♣ board.

5.45pm: Level 24 – 12,000/24,000 (3,000)
The players are into the sixth level of the day. The plan is to play until the end of level 26 but a dinner break and extra levels might be added if the staff think the tournament would otherwise not be finished by the end of Sunday.

5.29pm: Bechir busted
Lies Bechir has been knocked out after he was all in with 8♠5♦ on an 8♥3♥10♦ flop. He was up against Florent Le Neillon’s Q♥Q♦ and the A♦ turn and 4♥ river made no difference.

5.16pm: Naydenov doubles up
A double-up for Simeon Naydenov. The Bulgarian bracelet winner was all in with K♠8♠ against Jose Laurent’s K♦Q♦. The board came A♥8♣A♣J♣8♥ and Naydenov moved up to 560,000 while Laurent was left with 350,000.

“Lucky, lucky!” said Naydenov.


Simeon Naydenov

5.01pm: Maestracci out
Pierre Hebert has knocked out Clement Maestracci, Hebert had A♠A♥ and comfortably beat Maestracci’s A♥10♠ on a 2♥10♣2♣Q♣Q♠ board.

4.53pm: Boujenah dismissed
Frenchman Ilan Boujenah is out, according to the French media he lost with ace-queen against queen-ten.

4.44pm: Chuzevile doubles though Lambertz
Antoine Chuzevile has doubled up to 625,000 after winning a coinflip with 10♥10♦ against Felix Lambertz’ A♥Q♦. The latter dropped to 970,000 as a result.

4.40pm: Chip counts at the end of Level 22
Please click here.

4.35pm: Level 23 – 10,000/20,000 (3,000)
The players are back in their seats. Nicolas Hamouni is the chip leader with 1.8 million.


Nicolas Hamouni


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