FPS Deauville: Level 19-22 updates (8,000/16,000/2,000)

January 31, 2015

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4.20pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break.

4.09pm: Ribeiro takes the lead
PokerStars qualifier Joao Ribeiro looks to be the first player over 2 million. The Portuguese player has built a veritable yellow and grey castle from all his chips.

3.55pm: Isaia busts Forti
Massimiliano Forti has been knocked out by fellow Italian Alessio Isaia. The latter held 10♣10♦ to Forti’s A♣K♦ and the board came 10♥7♠8♣8♠4♠. Isaia is up to 750,000.

3.43pm: Diaz knocked out
The dream is over for PokerStars TV presenter Gaelle Garcia Diaz. She’s just been eliminated after losing that earlier big pot with ace-jack to ace-king.


PokerStars TV presenter Gaelle Garcia Diaz

3.31pm: Denis eliminated by Guerrero
Thomas Denis just got very unlucky after he called all in against Jimmy Guerrero. Guerrero showed 7♥6♦ and managed to spike against Denis’ A♥J♦ when the board came 10♦9♥7♠Q♣5♣. Guerrero has 1.3 million in chips now. 70 players remain.

3.20pm: Level 22 – 10,000/20,000 (2,000)
Players are now into the fourth level of Day 3.

3.15pm: Former chip leader knocked out
It’s not been a good day for Sebastien Hattab, the chip leader at the start of the day has just been eliminated.

3.05pm: Diaz going up and down
PokerStars TV presenter Gaelle Garcia Diaz was just involved in back-to-back huge pots. First she eliminated Clement Genon-Catalot with A♦K♣ against K♥10♣ to move up to 350,000 but the next hand proved to be a tough loss.

Kalede Reguaiguia moved all in preflop for 170,000. Diaz flat-called on the button and then Jose Laurent also called in the small blind. The 5♥7♥7♣Q♠2♠ board was checked down to the river. Reguaiguia showed A♥10♥, Diaz flipped A♦J♣ but Laurent’s A♣K♦ scooped the pot.

Reguaiguia was eliminated, Diaz dropped back down to 180,000 while Laurent moved up to 800,000.

2.46pm: Vasylchenko wins flip to move into second
Ali Zrari opened to 26,000 from early position before Oleg Vasylchenko made it 67,000 behind him. It was passed to Patrick Sonigo in the small blind who four-bet all in. Zrari folded and Vasylchenko quickly called.

Vasylchenko: A♥K♠
Sonigo: 9♠9♥

The board came K♥8♥J♠2♣J♣ and the Ukrainian player moved up to 1.2 million, which currently puts him in second place.


Is it busy in Deauville today? Yes. Yes it is.

2.34pm: Juhel busts Moritz
A classic coinflip between Yann Juhel’s Q♥Q♦ and Dietrich Moritz’ A♥K♦ saw victory for the former when the board came 3♣2♠10♥7♣4♣. Juhel is now up to 600,000.

2.20pm: Level 21 – blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000)
Players are back in their seats as the tournament continues.

2.05pm: Break time
Players are on a 15-minute break.

2.00pm: Another big pot for Hamouni
Nicolas Hamouni is up to 1.5 million. He had bets of 92,000 and 166,000 paid off by Lucas Monnier on the turn and river of an 8♥5♣A♥7♣6♣ board. Monnier called him down but Hamouni turned over K♣Q♣ for a backdoor flush.

1.48pm: Big stacks
With about 96 players remaining, here are the biggest stacks:

Nicolas Hamouni – 1,000,000
Oleg Vasylchenko – 1,000,000
Felix Lambertz – 950,000
Ali Zrari – 860,000


Chip leader Nicolas Hamouni

1.39pm: Mann gets locked in hotel room
Florian Mann has only just arrived to the tournament. The reason being he was unable to open the door to his hotel room and was ostensibly stuck in his room for the last 90 minutes.

1.32pm: Moraly eliminated by Hamouni
With 170,000 already in the middle, Jean Luc Moraly check-called a bet of 37,000 from Nicolas Hamouni with the board reading 4♦3♥9♠. On the 5♦ Moraly moved all in for around 200,000 and Hamouni snap-called.

Moraly: A♣10♣
Hamouni: 9♣9♥

The river was the 9♦ to make Hamouni quads and give him over a million in chips.

1.18pm: Vamplew and Mattern out
David Vamplew is out, I bumped into him on his way out the room. “King-queen into ace-king” said the Scot. He’ll be back to play the €2,000 HR later today. Another former EPT winner, Arnaud Mattern, has also been eliminated.


Arnaud Mattern

1.10pm: Hattan knocks out Delli Gatti
Francesco Delli Gatti moved all in for his final 100,000 and Sebastien Hattab reraised all in behind him. Delli Gatti turned over A♠K♦ against Hattab’s 5♥5♣, the board came 5♦10♥3♥8♦J♠ and Hattab, who had lost a good portion of his stack earlier, moved back up to 500,000.

1.03pm: Level 20 – 5,000/10,000 (1,000)
It’s time for the second level of the day.

12.59pm: New chip leader
Yohan Abitbol looks to be the current chip leader at this point. According to one of the other players at the table, he won a huge pot at the start of the day with kings against Padriag O’Neill’s ace-king. Abitbol now sits with 900,000.

12.43pm: Koskas departs
Jonathan Koskas, who had a massive chip lead after the end of Day 1, has just been eliminated. His last 100,000 went in the middle with 10♦10♠ against Jose Laurent’s A♥Q♠ but the board came 9♣A♣6♣5♥8♦ and Laurent spiked an ace to send his fellow Frenchman home.

12.32pm: Monfort eliminated
Team PokerStars Pro Online Ronan Monfort has been knocked out, he put his last 118,000 in preflop with J♦J♥ against Grzegorz Krajewski’s A♥K♠.

Monfort managed to flop a set but his opponent rivered a straight on the J♣Q♠8♥6♦10♦ board for a pot worth 250,000.


Team PokerStars Pro Online Ronan Monfort has been knocked out

12.24pm: FPS €2,000 High Roller update
The €2,000 High Roller event has begun with over 200 players registered already. Among those playing are Dominik Nitsche, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Dimitar Danchev and Team PokerStars Pro Online Gabriel Nassif.

12.21pm: Deauville Cup update
The winner of the €300 Deauville Cup is heading for a €62,400 payday after 1,138 players entered the event. With 72 re-entries, that created a €348,480 prize pool and 175 players will finish in the money. Following the three start days, there are now 316 players back for Day 2 today. French player Benjamin Cayard has a substantial lead over the remaining field with 355,000, followed some distance behind by Nandor Wiener with 188,600.

Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder is also still in contention but short-stacked with just 12,000. Other well-known players include Belgian pro Vincent Verdickt, who was runner-up to Jonas Lauck in the FPS High Roller two years ago, EPT regular Bernd Vogelhuber and FPS Cannes champion Yury Nesterenko.

12.16pm: Lots of early casualties
With an incredibly large number of players coming back on the penultimate day, partially due to the long bubble, the exits are once again coming thick and fast. There is already a queue of about four or five players getting their tickets for the cash desk with a second line forming at the cash desk itself. It’s going to be an intense hour or so for the floor staff.

12.09pm: Andrade eliminated by Feedag
Andre Andrade, who was just one card away from being the bubble last night, has finally been eliminated. He pushed for his last 90,000 from late position before Karim Feedag moved all-in behind him.

Andrade: A♥2♦
Feedag: 10♠10♦

Andrade managed to grab the lead on a K♦A♠K♣ flop but Feedag made a full house on the 10♣ turn. The 7♣ on the river changed nothing and with the stacks being roughly similar, there was a countdown. Andrade had exactly 90,000 but Feedag counted out 95,000 to knock the former out.

12.00pm: Level 19 – 4,000/8,000 (1,000)
Day 3 has begun. There are 152 players remaining led by Sebastien Hattab with 723,000.

11.52pm: Get ready
At the moment the players are just starting to make their way into the tournament area. Play will begin around midday.


A healthy stack going into Day 3


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