FPS Deauville: Level 17-18 updates (3,000/6,000/1,000)

January 30, 2015

8.30pm Level 18 – 3,000/6,000 (1,000)
The level is officially going up now but there’s only around twenty minutes orso left before play ends. A full recap of the day is here.

8.20pm: Three exits in one hand, bubble prize split
Four all ins, three exits, two cash prizes, one hour. That’s what it took to burst the bubble here at FPS Deauville.

First up, Claude Mirval was all in preflop for his last 500 chips against four other players. However, one of his opponents forced the others out with a 15,000 bet on the river of a 10♦8♦3♦8♠7♠ board. Mirval turned over K♦10♣ but it was no good against the big blind’s 8♥2♦. Mirval was out, but there were still three more hands to go.


Claude Mirval, the first of the three bubbles

On the next table, Stephane Magnani Dossetto was all in with 3♠3♦ against Ivan Luca’s A♠4♦. The board came 9♦7♦J♦Q♦9♠ and Luca’s lowly four-high flush sent a second player out though now Dossetto and Mirval were both guaranteed to split a cash prize.

Alexander Orlov comfortably doubled up with K♣K♠ against Brou Stephane Laurent’s Q♥J♦ and the Russian stayed in the tournament.


Sabina Hiatullah also bubbled FPS Deauville but took home some money too

Finally, Sabina Hiatullah was knocked out when her K♠Q♣ could not beat Vlad Anghelescu’s A♠7♥ on a 9♥9♣10♦5♠4♥ board.

This meant that there were three exits, who shared two €1,800 payouts meaning each will take home €1,200.

8.10pm: Exit! Nope, kidding
Josy-Laurent Bennayoun was all in preflop with Q♣Q♦ against Efim Rudnik’s A♣6♣ and managed to fade a straight draw on the turn of a 5♦2♠4♦7♣ board when the river was the 6♥. There’s still no end in sight to the bubble. It’s now moved into level 18 but the blinds will remain the same until the bubble bursts.

8.01pm: Still no exits!
There’s been several more double-ups but the person finishing in 200th place has yet to be found.

“Everyone give 10 euros to cover the bubble!” shouted Simeon Naydenov, he sounded as though he was only half joking.

7.48pm: Andrade survives blind
Andre Andrade had been blinded down to his last 5,000 in chips when he was all in against Paul-Francois Tedeschi’s 7♥7♣. Andrade managed to turn over K♣J♦ and rivered a straight on a 6♣10♣Q♦8♠9♥ board.

7.40pm: Laidouni departs
Abdelakim Laidouni has gone out in 201st place. He was all in with A♣J♣ against Padraig O’Neill’s K♣6♠ but the board came 3♣J♠5♠K♦3♠. A table is being broken and the tournament is now on the official bubble.

7.33pm: Still no exits
Morgane Ogel is the latest person to refuse to leave the tournament. His A♥K♦ held against Riccardo D’Urso’s A♠4♠ on a K♥2♣3♦K♠A♦ board.


Clearly there’s a bubble hand at another table

7.22pm: Libraty is alive
Jeremy Libraty just got very lucky to stay in. His A♠J♣ spiked against Mathieu Mariani’s A♦K♠ on an 8♣J♦3♥6♠10♦ board.

7.14pm: Ivanov stays in
Boris Ivanov has survived being the first potential bubble boy. He was all in with Q♣Q♠ against Sulaiman Sesay’s 6♠5♠ and the board came 4♦4♥K♣A♦2♥ to secure the Bulgarian’s double-up.

7.09pm: Creignou falls to quads
Francois Creignou was all in preflop with 8♥8♠ against Vlad Anghelescu’s 3♣3♥ but the board came 3♦A♣3♠5♦10♦ to give Anghelescu quads. Creignou goes out in 202nd place.

7.04pm: Andrade penalised
The floor has just give Andre Andrade a penalty after they felt he was deliberately stalling on the bubble. Every hand Andrade now plays during the bubble will be subject to a ten-second clock.

6.57pm: Level 17 – 2,500/5,000 (500)
Just 202 players remain with two levels left in the day. Only 199 will get paid, so stick with the action as the France Poker Series arrives at the bubble!


It’s still packed here in Deauville


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