FPS Deauville: Brecard healthy; side event round-up

January 30, 2015

Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard just came by the media room and everyone (given that it’s mostly French journalists at this point) were assuming the worst. But Brecard had instead come to steal a cigarette for a celebratory smoke.

“I’ve just doubled,” he said, “aces against queens, I have 160,000 now,” before he headed back out of the door with a smile.


Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard and former EPT winner David Vamplew sharing a table

The Frenchman isn’t the only player to have a double into six-figures. Former bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov is up to 110,000 after he doubled with 4♠4♦ against Badih Ali’s A♥J♣, it looked as though the money went in on the turn of a 4♥7♦9♣J♦10♥ board.

Dara O’Kearney, one of just a handful of Irish who’ve made their way across the seas to Deauville, has found himself sharing a table with Jonathan Koskas. O’Kearney just took a pot off the chip leader as Koskas folded to a 12,000 bet on the river of a 7♠J♣8♥9♠A♦ board with O’Kearney showing him 10♥10♠ for a turned straight. That pot put the Irishman up to 110,000 while Koskas remains with 315,000. This table has also just gotten a little more tasty with the introduction of Ilan Boujenah (140,000)…


PokerStars player Gaelle Garcia Diaz

Elsewhere the exits continue to mount up. Those who have busted recently include: Martin Staszko, Tommy Mandel, Ludovic Geilich, Eric Qu, Andrea Benelli, Erwann Pecheux and Miroslav Alilovic.

FPS Deauville update:

– 370 players are left, 199 will be paid
– Level 14 (1,200/2,400/300)
– Team PokerStars Pros left are Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Julian Brecard while Team PokerStars Pro Online Ronan Monfort is also still in
– Other players still involved include Gaelle Garcia Diaz, David Vamplew, Ilan Boujenah, Nick Hicks, Luca Moschitta and Simeon Naydenov

Deauville Cup Day 1B update:

There were 445 players who bought in for Day 1B of the Deauville Poker Cup yesterday with 102 survivors making it through to Day 2. The chip leader at the end of the second of three start days was Frenchman Quang Dai Lea with a stack of 117,100. He was followed closely by John Archibald Delafontaine (114,900) and Matthew Brown (111,000). The three were the only players to finish the day above the 100,000-mark.


Paul Berende, in Day 2 of both FPS Deauville and the Deauville Cup

Other players to make it through include Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder (12,000), Paul Berende (71,000) and Quentin Crutel (95,000). The total field so far is 659 and that is set to increase with Day 1C of the Deauville Cup beginning tonight at 9pm CET. The staff quietly confident that the total number of runners will be over 1,000.

€500 PLO Turbo

This one-day event got under way at 1pm CET with 166 players by the time registration had closed. There will be a total of 23 places being paid a minimum of €940 with €18,910 for the winner. Among those taking part are Team PokerStars Pro Online Gabriel Nassif, Fabrice Soulier and Max Pescatori.


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