If only winning in poker tournaments was as easy as knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

What about bankroll management? Game selection? Physical and mental preparation?

There are plenty of reasons poker beginners fail to reach the heights they dream of, but often it boils down to some rather simple mistakes.


  • Four Beginner Tournament Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 1 – Low Dry Flops
  • PokerStars School training schedule on PokerStars Twitch

Four Beginner Tournament Mistakes to Avoid

PokerStars School’s resident professor Pete Clarke breaks down the pitfalls you need to stay clear of if you’re hoping to grind tournaments as a serious hobby, or even to make a living.

“Tournament poker can be thrilling but it can also be gruelling,” he writes. “Not many players make a success of it outside of the odd lucky cash. Here are some of the reasons that people might fail to achieve their tourney goals.”

Find out the four beginner tournament mistakes you should avoid.

The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 1 – Low Dry Flops

Home on the range

In this new series of articles, Clarke is embarking on a voyage through different board textures to find the best ways you can approach them.

“Once you understand board texture, you can really start to piece together the nuts and bolts of No Limit Holdem and begin to unravel the mysterious bet-sizing and frequency choices made by the top players and the poker solver programs they learned from,” Clarke writes. “In chess, amateurs commonly study the games of the world’s finest, so why not learn poker in the same way?”

He’s kicking things off by looking at an uneventful low dry flop. How do you tackle them both in and out of position?

Check out ‘The Game Theory of Board Texture: Part 1 – Low Dry Flops’ here.

PokerStars School training schedule on PokerStars Twitch

Nick “OP-Poker” Walsh and Pete Clarke himself are live every week on the PokerStars Twitch channel helping you all to improve your games.

Here are the boys’ current streaming times:

• Nick OP Poker on Thursdays from 5am-9am ET (10am-2pm GMT)
• Pete Clarke on Fridays 3am-7am ET (8am-12pm GMT)

Missed last week’s streams?

Fear not! You can catch up on them at the links below.

Grand Tour with OP Poker Nick on PokerStars Twitch (December 3, 2020)

100NL Zoom Cash Games with Pete Clarke on PokerStars Twitch (December 4, 2020)

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