Follow along with Lex’s WCOOP adventure

September 06, 2019

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) 2019 kicked off yesterday, but that wasn’t the only exciting thing getting started.

Cast your mind back to May, and the Spring Championship of Online to be precise.

PokerStars Ambassador Lex Veldhuis was set a special challenge by his Twitch moderators and community which saw him open 20 unique envelopes throughout the series.

The SCOOP adventure proved so popular with both Lex and his community alike that his moderators — Croaks and RuthAnnK — have put together something for WCOOP too.

When they were putting it together, Lex had just one request: he wanted to know nothing about it.

He got his wish.

It was Jigsaw from the Saw movie franchise who shared the news:

Did Lex want to play a game? Well, either way, he doesn’t really have a choice anymore.

Throughout WCOOP Lex will be sent a special video whenever he completes certain milestones (e.g. making a Day 2). The 20 unique videos will contain either a positive or negative task which Lex must complete.

Here, he shares all the information:

“Just like SCOOP, at any time your moderators can decide if you should open a video,” Lex reads, proving this is completely out of his hands.

As if WCOOP needed to be any more exciting, it now is.

It’s going to be a wild ride.

And you can follow along with the whole thing with Lex Veldhuis on Twitch, and right here on PokerStars Blog.


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