I’m writing from Florida where I’ve been enjoying some down time since returning from EPT Barcelona, spending time with family and enjoying watching my Miami Dolphins get off to a good start this season. However, I’m just about to enter another very busy period of travel starting with a trip up to Toronto to play the last few days of the WCOOP this weekend.


Garry Gates and me

Besides the Main Event, I’m really looking forward to the $10,300 8-game (Event #65) on Sunday, which I’m very excited about because I won that event last year. It’s pretty much my favorite online tournament of the year — an elite event that usually only gets about 100 people. That’s my favorite form of poker when I play online (8-game cash), so I’ve been looking forward to it ever since this year’s WCOOP schedule was announced.

I was actually in Toronto not long ago and played some earlier WCOOP events and took third in one of the bigger ones, Event #24 ($700 NLHE). That one had close to 3,500 entrants and I made it to a four-way chop and got almost $230K for finishing third. So it was a very successful weekend — I literally flew up there for a couple of days just to play.

I returned to Florida quickly, though, because I’m currently waiting for my niece to be born. She was due a few days ago, but she’s still not here! I was really hoping that she was going to be here before I left again, but once more I’ll just be gone for a quick trip and will come right back and hopefully be there when she does arrive.

I have three older siblings who are all married and all have a child or a child on the way, so there’s a lot going on when I visit and the days are full and lots of fun. It’s always great to spend time with our growing family and it’s an exciting time with our new family member due any day.


With my nephew

It’ll be a tight window again, though, when I return, as starting in early October I’ll be heading to Europe for what will be a month-long trip of tournaments and other engagements. First up will be EPT London where I’ll be jumping right into the £50K Super High Roller event. I’m excited about that one as it’s the first time they’re running a Super High Roller there.

I’ve had a lot of success in London over the past five years, so every time a big event comes up there, I’m amped for it. In fact, five years ago they had their first ever High Roller event in London, and I happened to win that one, so I’m hoping something similar happens with this first Super High Roller event.

In addition I’ll be playing the £5k Main Event and the £10k High Roller, and there may be some big open-face Chinese games running there, too, with some of the Macau guys. Some of my close friends will be coming with me as well which makes me look forward to the trip even more, especially the chance that they’ll get to see me play and possibly win something while they are there.

After EPT London, I’m heading to WSOP Europe in Paris. This will be my sixth year in a row to play the WSOPE. While I’ve had a lot of success there I’ve never won a WSOPE bracelet, so that’s a big goal for me to try to win one this time. There’s a decent schedule with seven bracelet events, including a High Roller there as well.

Then it’ll be heading to Barcelona to shoot some PokerStars commercials, then over to the Isle of Man for some more PokerStars activities. All in all a pretty jam-packed month coming up which should be a lot of fun, but I’m already looking forward to getting back to Florida afterwards to spend more time with family… especially my new niece!

Jason Mercier is a member of Team PokerStars Pro


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