I seem to always have a desire to write a new blog post specifically when I’m on an airplane with no wifi. No poker, no OFC, no sports? I can’t really watch anything- at least anything I want. Now my mind seems to flood with what I want to tell the world when I get out of this metal rocket cylinder shooting me across the globe.

Let’s start with where I’m going and where I was. I’m en route to Toronto at the moment where I’ll spend the next two and a half weeks grinding WCOOP. I’ve been in Florida for the last six days which were spent attempting to see all my family and some friends while also planning my wedding. My fiancée Natasha and I are set to get married in two and a half months, and we still have a lot of details that need to be ironed out. It was a very intense six days, and I’m happy to be getting back to felt!

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My initial plan was to spend 13 days in Florida before going to Toronto to play the last 8-9 days of WCOOP. I know, it sounds out of character for me to miss the first two weeks of WCOOP, but this year has been absolutely insane for me as far as hours played and time on the road. However, plans have now changed as the date of the WCOOP $100k Super High Roller is now on September 11th instead of the 18th. I not only don’t want to miss playing this event but also am now going to stream the whole tournament start to finish on Twitch with the help of my friend and fellow Team Pro Jason Somerville.

It’s truly incredible what Jason has done for poker in the last year or two. He has brought tons of new players to the game and spearheaded a whole new market for how people watch poker. I’m really excited to work with him on this event. He’s going to be handling the commentary, play-by-play, and all your questions in the chat, while I will generally focus on playing and having fun! I’m expecting us to make a great team and I really hope you guys can tune in tomorrow on runitup.tv (Sunday September 11th around 3 pm).

Before coming home to Florida, I was in Spain for 17 days, the first 12 of which I was at the EPT in Barcelona. After the festival concluded, I went with my fiancée and a big group of friends to Ibiza to chill for five days before going back to Florida. I had a great time relaxing in Ibiza, and it was nice to spend a few days on a “non-poker” vacation.

How did Barcelona go? Well, I cashed only one tournament, the Main Event (50th place for roughly €18,000), and bricked seven other events in which buy-ins totaled €165,000, thanks to having fired two shells in the €50k Super High Roller. This is fairly standard for me to lose around €150,000 at an EPT festival that doesn’t go well. What I love about that is its pretty easy for me to know what my maximum exposure is (excluding cash games of course). However, my potential upside is around 10-20x the downside. If I run pure at a festival, I could profit one, two, or even three million dollars.

With eight months gone in 2016 and just four to go, my only real goal is finishing the year strong. With two weeks of WCOOP play coming up, I want to be on the top of my game, playing my best, and continuing my winning ways. I’m not exactly sure yet what else I’ll be playing this year, besides the PokerStars event in New Jersey (October 30th- Nov 6th). This will be the first PokerStars live event on U.S. soil in five and half years, and I’m pumped for this event and many more to come in the foreseeable future.

A question I constantly get asked in interviews is, “How do you stay motivated?” For me, the answer is simple, I always want to win! I can fuel my already extreme desire for success with other things such as GPI leaderboard, GPI player of the year race, prop bets, and other things. However, the bottom line is simple: having enough money on the line combined with my thirst to continue winning is all the motivation I need.

See you soon!

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