Final table – blow-by-blow

January 22, 2006

EPT Copenhagen final result:

1. Mads Anderson (Denmark) – 2,548,070 Kr
2. Edgar Skjervold (Norway) – 1,401,722 Kr
3. Philip Hilm (Denmark) – 716,636 Kr
4. Marc Naalden (Holland) – 557,384 Kr
5. Markus Gonsalves (USA) – 477,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)
6. Anina Gundesen (Denmark) – 398,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)
7. Shek Chi Hung (Denmark) – 318,000 Kr
8. Johan Bergquist (Sweden) – 239,000 Kr

Report to follow.

3.10am — It’s all over. We have a winner. After a gruelling heads-up battle it all came down to big hand versus big hand, as it often does. Edgar had ace-ten, Mads ace-queen. Neither gave an inch in the pre-flop raising and while the flop came all hearts, Edgar holding the ten of hearts, the off-suit queen on the turn removed a couple of his outs, before a blank on the river ended it. Mads Andersen is the champion of EPT Copenhagen. Final table report to follow.

2.55am — Straight away, Edgar is back on the ropes. Edgar moves in on a flop of 10-4-4. Mads calls and shows ten-queen, Edgar has king-jack. Mads has two pair, the queen on the turn improving it a notch. Now Mads is back in the lead.

2.50am — Thomas Kremser announces that Mads has 1.8 million, Edgar 1 million shortly before it’s all in the middle. Edgar has ace-five, Mads ace-queen. The flop is all diamonds and Edgar has the ace, then the five pops up on the turn to put him ahead and the Norwegian contingent erupts. He’s in the dominant position now.

2.40am — They’re now posting blinds of 40,000 and 80,000, which has put Mads into overdrive. He’s re-raising if he gets any chance, but is content just to raise if that’s all on offer. He’s the definite chip leader, but I fancy an “all-in” “call” is imminent.

2.35am — It’s going back and forth until a decent pot goes Mads’s direction. He’s made two pairs, jacks and sevens, beating Edgar’s top pair queens. There are a lot of orange 10,000 chips in the pot. Mads leads.

2.25am — Big pot for Edgar, who makes up the big blind, then bets the ace-high flop. Mads raises 250,000 and Edgar moves in. Mads folds – Edgar flashes an ace.

2.10am — Edgar and Mads are heads up, with any pre-flop raise taking it down for the opening exchanges. But they’re seeing a lot of flops – both are flat calling more frequently than you’d expect, then pushing one another around post-flop.

1.40am — Down to two. Two huge pots and Mark Naalden is out. He moves in pre-flop and Mads Andersen, the short-stack calls all in. Mads has queens, Marc king jack and none improve. Then Mads makes another move, Mark calls with ace-queen and is ahead when Mads shows ten-nine. But he hits a ten on the turn and fills a flush on the river. Down to two.

1.25am — The madness continues. Edgar is now dominant chip leader, having just got all his chips in with ace-jack and Marc calling with ace-two. The flop showed two jacks to end that one. (Although a furious Mads Andersen raked through the mucked cards to find his ten-seven. The ten-seven that would have made a straight.

Official chip count:
Edgar 1,372,000
Marc 831,000
Mads 624,000

1.20am — Mads now doubles through Marc, when his five-six makes a straight against Marc Naalden’s queen-jack. Mads is back to 820,000.

1.10am — Huge double up for Edgar Skjervold, who finds all his chips in the middle with nine-seven. Mads Andersen calls with pocket jacks, but they’re not good enough when a seven flops and a nine swims down the river.

12.55am — Official chip counts with three players remaining:
Mads Andersen 1,155,000
Edgar Skjervold 870,000
Marc Naalden 800,000

12.50am — Philip Hilm is out and Marc has his revenge. Marc first doubles through against Mads and then calls Philip’s all-in button raise. The man from Holland has ace-seven, the button raiser nothing more than nine-four. The board improves neither hand and Philip joins his huge Danish following at the bar.

12.40am — Still they refuse to fall. This one is a massive pre-flop raising battle between Marc Naalden and Philip Hilm. When the two shortest stacks showdown, Marc has ace-six, Philip has queen-five. The flop is six-six-seven and it’s surely all over for Hilm. But the eight on the turn gives him an open ended straight draw and the magic nine falls on the river. Marc is now scratching the felt.

12.30am — Huge pot, maybe the biggest of the night. Phil makes up the small blind and Mads checks. They see a flop of 3c-3h-8c. Phil checks and Mads bets 40,000. Phil raises to 120,000 but Mads is having none of that minimum re-raise and sticks in 200,000. The pot is now about 650 when Phil calls and checks the turn, a six of hearts. Mads moves in a Phil, who everyone seems to think had a three, folds. Mads consolidates chip lead.

12.00am — We’re going to be here all night. The stacks have evened right out after Mads goes on the rampage, re-raising Edgar, then Phil and hauling himself into the lead. Official chip counts as the players take a break:
Mads Andersen 821,000
Philip Hilm 812,000
Marc Naalden 100,000
Edgar Skjervold 462,000

11.45pm — The double ups continue around the table as now Philip Hilm, who was down to his final 300,000 after a terrible run, gets them all in having flopped two-pair with his 9-4. There’s no help for Marc’s K-Q and the Dane returns to the fray. It now looks as though Mads might be back in the lead, with Marc, Edgar and Philip close behind.

11.40pm — The stacks level out again as Edgar Skjervold doubles up through Marc Naalden. Marc raises on the button, making it 100,000 to play. Edgar moves in – 267,000 total, 167,000 more for Marc. He thinks, then calls and, after showing queen-nine, must see the only re-raising hand he wanted, a small pair. They’re eights, but the snowmen look as though they’re melting when a queen flops. However, Edgar picks up a flush draw on the turn and can hit any heart or any eight on the river to win. Out pops the eight and Skjervold is back.

11.30pm — Big hit for the chip lead of Philip Hilm as Marc Naalden doubles up. Philip raises pre-flop, making it 90,000 to play. Marc moves in – another 348,000. Philip calls and shows a pocket pair: fours. Marc has a pocket pair too: aces. Although the flop and turn brings a straight draw for Philip’s fours, the ace on the end finishes it off in the Dutchman’s favour.

11.15pm — Final four chip count:

Philip Hilm 1,177,000
Mads Andersen 902,000
Edgar Skjervold 468,000
Marc Naalden 271,000
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) fifth (477,000 Kr)
Anina Gundesen (PokerStars qualifier) sixth (398,000 Kr)
Shek Chi Hung seventh (318,000 Kr)
Johan Bergquist – eighth (239,000 Kr)

11pm — We’re down to four after Markus hits the rail. He re-raised Phil’s pre-flop raise of 60,000, all his chips – about another 120,000. Phil called with little choice and showed pocket sixes. Markus had ace-nine of diamonds. The flop was all spades and no ace nor nine in sight, and neither did they appear on the turn or the river. The final PokerStars qualifier goes out in fifth place, 477,757 Kr richer. That’s just under $80,000 to take back to San Diego.

10.50pm — Markus raises all-in, out of turn. Marc Naalden hasn’t acted before all the PokerStars qualifier’s chips are in the centre. Marc asks for a ruling and is told he can raise if he wants, but that the all-in will go. Markus’s hands are still cupped round the chips and ready to shove them in if necessary, but Marc folds. Markus shows 9-7.

10.35pm — Two notable hands. First, there’s the rarest of occurances: the family pot. Everyone calls, then checks the ace high flop. The turn brings a third diamond and Philip bets. Everyone folds. Then, Markus, who is the short-stack by quite some distance now, survives another all-in, but only splits it. His ace-eight ties with Marc’s ace-four. Still five.

10.15pm — After a period of raising, then folding to a re-raise, Edgar Skjervold dishes out some of that punishment on Philip Hilm. Edgar makes up the big blind, Philip raises 40,000 and Edgar calls. The flop of K-8-4 is checked by Edgar, but then re-raised another 210 after Philip bets 70. Philip dwells, counts, folds.

10pm — Back from the dinner break and, with the leaders’ chip stacks having levelled out, so has the game. A pre-flop raise is usually enough to pick up the blinds, a re-raise draws audible gasps. Then everyone folds. There’s been one flop: it came 5-2-2 after a pre-flop raise by Philip. Marc Naalden called that, then checked the low board, allowing Philip to bet. Fold.

8.45pm — The five remaining players are on a dinner break. Their chips counts are as follows:
Philip Hilm 849,000
Mads Andersen 662,500
Edgar Skjervold 633,500
Marc Naalden 424,000
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) 243,000

The players out have so far won the following:

Anina Gundesen (PokerStars qualifier) 398,131 Kr (€53,000)
Shek Chi Hung 318,505 Kr (€43,000)
Johan Bergquist 238, 879 Kr (€32,000)

and the players remaining are up for:

1st 2,548,070 Kr (€341,000)
2nd 1,401,722 Kr (€228,000)
3rd 716,636 Kr (€96,000)
4th 557,384 Kr (€75,000)
5th 477,757 Kr (€64,000)

8.30pm — Anina Gundesen is out. Philip Hilm raises from under-the-gun, Anina re-raises from the button and Philip calls. The flop shows Kc-Jh-9h and Philip checks. Anina bets 100,000 and Philip moves in. Anina calls and shows jack-queen, for a pair of jacks, but Philip’s king-queen has her dominated and she needs either a jack to win or a ten to split. It doesn’t happen and Anina is out in sixth place.

8.15pm — Edgar Skjervold doubles up through Philip Hilm. Philip raises pre-flop, Edgar calls from the big blind. The flop is king-high, rainbow, and after Edgar checks, Philip bets 65. Edgar calls, to see a seven on the turn. Edgar now moves in and Philip, who is sitting with king-jack for top pair, calls. Edgar shows king-seven, making his two pair on the turn, and he’s up to around 600,000.

8.10pm — Mads exacts some revenge on Anina, when her check on an ace-high flop allows him to bet and take it down.

8pm — Markus Gonsalves survives a real scare. He’s all-in with ace-seven, called by Philip Hilm’s ace-queen. The seven on the turn saves the man from San Diego.

7.55pm — Mads raises to 42,000 pre-flop, Anina calls from small blind. Flop comes ace-high and Anina bets 50,000 into a 100,000 pot. Mads looks skyward as he’s forced to fold again.

7.45pm — A tournament break, so here is the up-to-date chip count. We have a new chip leader.

Philip Hilm 1,475,000
Mads Andersen 787,000
Edgar Skjervold 294,000
Marc Naalden 264,000
Anina Gundesen (PokerStars qualifier) 262,000
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) 161,000

They will return and post blinds of 7,500 and 15,000, with a 1,500 ante.

7.30pm — Edgar Skjervold doubles up with pocket sixes, all in pre-flop, against Mads’s ace-five.

7.20pm — Mads Andersen just took the first sizeable hit to his sizeable stack when Philip Hilm made up the blind then checked the ace-high flop, two clubs showing. Mads also checked, then a third club – and another ace – turned. Philip bet, Mads raised and Philip called. The river was an off-suit deuce, checked by Philip, giving Mads the opportunity to try to take him off the hand. Mads declined and checked, leaving Philip to show ace-four, a full house (the four on the flop seeming innocuous). Philip made 400,000, but Mads got away.

Mads checks out Philip on the TV monitor

7.05pm — We’re Shek-less. The man from Copenhagen has played a fiercely aggressive game over the past three days and, having lived by the sword, has now died by it. With Mads Andersen to his left, he has had to put over sized raises in throughout this final table and moved all-in pre-flop three times in the past half an hour. Third time unlucky, however, as Philip Hilm called him with pocket jacks and Shek’s ten-jack was dominated. Shek takes 318,505 Kroner for seventh place.


6.45pm — That’s the end of the first level and they’re now removing the 100 denomination chips from play. After Johan’s exit, most of the chips have flowed towards the dominating stack of Mads Andersen, with Shek Chi Hung, to his immediate right, feeling the pinch the most.

Latest chip counts:

Mads Andersen 1,201,000
Philip Hilm 476,000
Anina Gundesen (PokerStars qualifier) 288,500
Edgar Skjervold 263,000
Mark Naalden 248,500
Shek Chi Hung 230,500
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) 111,000

5.45pm — It was a quiet enough start until Anina moves into gear. Mads Andersen, huge chip leader, makes a 20,000 raise. Johan, the short stack, re-raises 40,000 and Anina makes it 100,000 to play. Mads folds but Johan, after asking Anina whether she has aces, makes the all-in call. She doesn’t have aces, but kings are good enough to send Johan to the rail.


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