Everything you need to know about Throwables

July 15, 2022inPoker

By now, you’ll probably have seen Throwables. You’ll likely have been hit by a few. You might even have hurled them around yourself.

Throwables are an exciting and innovative way to express yourself at the poker tables. Think of them as animated emojis. You feel something. You throw something.

First introduced in May 2020, Throwables are now an everyday part of the PokerStars experience. Here’s everything you need to know about Throwables.

What are Throwables?

Throwables are digital objects that you can hurl at other players. Like an extension of the chat function, these objects have their own context and meaning.

A box of tissues to wipe away those tears, fireworks to celebrate a hand, and a floppy fish for disgracing the bad player at your table.

How do I use Throwables?

Throwables are easy to use. At any time during gameplay, simply click on the symbol next to your avatar that looks like a hand holding a ball. Your list of Throwables.

Click your desired Throwable and then click an opponent to launch it their way. The object will appear as an animation, visible to you and to anyone who has the feature turned on.

How do I turn Throwables off/on?

It can be pretty tilting throwing a box of tissues at an already frustrated player. That’s kind of the whole point. But it’s not everyone’s idea of fun.

If you’ve had enough of the animations, or you’re outraged that PokerStars would create the feature in the first place, then you can easily turn off Throwables in the settings menu. Here’s how:

Settings → table appearance → animation → table emotes → disable

And that’s it. You’ll never see another firework or box of tissues at the poker tables again. Unless you follow the same menus to ‘enable’ the feature again.

How do I get more Throwables?

There are now dozens of Throwables available on PokerStars. As they become available, Throwables appear in the “Challenges” window.

Click to “opt in” to whatever Throwables are currently on offer, then complete the associated challenge to unlock the Throwable.

Throwable challenges are time sensitive, so be sure to complete the task within the time limit to unlock new Throwables.

PokerStars Blog will be announcing new Throwables right here on this Throwables Hub page.

Fishing lure Throwable available now

We’ll update you on the latest Throwables to become available on PokerStars. Right now, it’s all about the fishing lure. It’s a great Throwable, perfect for calling your opponent a fish or suggesting that they’ve just been baited.

The challenge is to check raise five pots in any real money cash or zoom game. It can be any stakes. Make the play five times and you’ll unlock the Throwable.

Head to the ‘Challenges’ window and click ‘opt in’ to start playing for the fishing lure Throwable.

Throwables list

Here’s a list of available Throwables. If you missed them the first time then don’t worry, they’ll come back around again.

Alarm Clock – Wakey wakey. There’s nothing worse than when an opponent falls asleep in the middle of a hand. Tell them to wake up and play faster with the alarm clock Throwable.

All-in triangle – A famous symbol at live events, PokerStars have brought the All-in triangle to the online arena. Declare your own All-in or throw it to goad another player into calling.

Boxing glove – Going for the knockout? This Throwable shows an animated target symbol over your chosen victim, then hits them full on in the face with a boxing glove. Ideal for KO tournaments.

Box of tissues – The second of two original Throwables and a real fan favourite. Throw this in commiserations to mop up the tears when players get bad beat.

Calculator – Poker is a game of maths. You need to be able to work out odds quickly in your head. If other players are incapable of doing the sums, you can lend them this calculator.

Chicken – Does your opponent not have it in them to call it off pre-flop? Call them a chicken, or taunt someone into a call with this Throwable.

Coin flip – As they say, you’ve got to win those flips. The coin flip Throwable tells the other players that you’re ready for it, or lets an angry player know that you were only ever flipping.

Coffee – Wakey, wakey! If you’re a long term player, you’ll remember the days when everyone used to type “zzz” in the chat box to tell a player to hurry up. This is the Throwable equivalent.

Deck of cards – Opponent hitting every hand in the deck? Throw this pack of cards at them to express your frustrations.

Easter egg – An Easter themed special edition Throwable, complete with a chocolate egg and a little chick. It’s actually one of the more friendly objects to throw.

Egg – Simple is effective. And there’s nothing more simple or more effective than lobbing an egg at other players. Why not follow it up with, “I’m only yoking!”. No? Just me.

Fireworks – One of two original Throwables. Celebrate a hand or sarcastically throw one to congratulate an opponent

Fishing lure – Ahh, the fishing lure throwable. It’s an obvious one. For whenever you want to call your opponent a fish, whether out of a sense of superiority or a sense of irony.

Flying pig –Poker is full of bluffs and deceit. What to throw if you don’t believe your opponents? How about a flying pig? Because, you know, pigs might fly.

Football – The first football themed Throwable ever released was, quite simply, the football. Throw it at opponents to let off some stream. Especially suited to Kick Off games.

Ghost – A Halloween special, the ghost is another one to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. You can also use this Throwable to ‘ghost’ someone (that’s ‘ignore’ to anyone over the age of 30).

Horseshoe – This Throwable was added to everyone’s collection in September 2020 and has since become a true classic. A metal horseshoe that makes a satisfying ‘dink’ sound as it hits players in the head.

Ice bucket – Nothing says “cooler” like a bucket of ice to the face. This is also the perfect Throwable for cooling an opponent down when they are running too hot.

Ice Cream – A summer special, this one lets you throw something much softer, and less fatal, but till makes your point. An ice cream to the face.

Ice diamond – It’s a diamond made from ice. Throw it and it shatters into a million pieces, like the dreams of your opponents.

Jack-in-the-box – You can almost hear the chilling, haunting noise of clown music as you throw this Jack-in-a-box towards other players.

Loser – Hold the ‘L’ up to other players to express how much better you are and rub it in when they lose. Throwables don’t get much better than this.

Make it rain – An awesome Throwable, this one lets you make it rain with cash. You can use it to show off how many chips you have, or to sarcastically note the chip stack of an opponent.

New Year – A limited edition Throwable released for New Year. A huge firework that explodes into blue light and says ‘2021’. It’s a bit dated now.

Paper plane – Simple, effective, annoying. Like a naughty kid in a classroom, you can throw this to remind others that you’re here to be a nuisance.

Pile of cash – These limited edition Throwables came in three sizes; a small pile of cash, medium, and large with a gold bar. Throw them at players when they win a big hand (or lose a bigger one).

Poo – Yes, some of the Throwables floating around are a little crude. This one is among the crudest. Throw digital faeces on other players and watch it get wiped away.

Sandcastle – Another summer themed Throwable, this one a little more gritty in the eyes. Bury other players underneath a castle of sand.

Silence – Now it’s time for Throwable counter strategy. Has someone been throwing too many objects at you? Will they not shut up? Or are they hogging all the poker action? Use this remote control to visually mute other players.

Smelly sock – There’s no smell quite as rancid as a worn pair of socks after a long game of football. Disgusting. Good, now launch them around at the poker tables.

Spider – Spiders are creepy, and nobody wants one on their face. This Throwable has an almost primeval motive. It will scare, haunt and terrify opponents into hapless submission.

Toilet paper – Ever TPd someone’s house? No, me neither. But I have TPd poker players using this excellent toilet paper Throwable. It’s obscene and hilarious.

Violin – Sob stories at the poker tables? No thanks. The only valid response to player’s crying and moaning is to throw them the world’s smallest violin.

Water bottle – Similar to the Ice bucket, this Throwable provides another way to cool people off.

Water balloon – Lobbing water balloons around is childish, stupid fun. So we brought them to the poker tables for your amusement. Throw as many as you like.


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