Eureka5 Prague: Bubble bursts, Wing takes flight

December 08, 2015


Daniel Orlowski, background, knocked out Wing Sang Lee, whose chair, foreground, remains empty

About this time on Day 1A (yesterday in poker terms), we first noticed the rise to prominence of Wing Sang Lee. The Hong Kong-based player built one of the biggest stacks in the room and steered it all the way to the end of the day, bagging 226,000 overnight.

But 48 hours later, Lee has returned to prominence for all the wrong reasons. He lost huge chunks of his stack in Day 2’s first couple of levels, and then found himself all in and called on the stone bubble, looking at becoming the last player out of the door with nothing to show for his work.

Lee at least had a hand. He found A♣K♥ to shove with on the very first deal of hand-for-hand play. Daniel Orlowski, who began today with only 44,500, had Lee well covered by this stage and had also found a hand. He tabled Q♥Q♣ and this was a classic race to determine whether they were going to burst the bubble at the earliest opportunity.

Obviously, the crowds flocked around to watch, despite requests from the tournament organisers for some kind of order. They were three deep around the table as Thomas Lamatsch took the microphone and the dealer got ready to burn and turn.

The first three cards did not help Lee. They came 10♦9♦9♠. The turn didn’t help much either. It was the 8♣. The river was the 2♦ and that sealed the deal. The bubble burst, Lee shook hands and silently bade farewell.


Tournament info:
– We are now in the money
– Marc Convey is still in
– We will now revert to more hand-for-hand based reporting

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