Eureka5 Hamburg Day 1B: A new day and a new approach

May 24, 2015

If you play a Eureka Tour Main Event, you get your value for money in terms of structure. A starting stack of 25,000 gets you a massive 500-big blind starting stack. That may have been the reason it took until the third level of the day yesterday before a player hit the rail.

There’s a sense in the air – call it a blogger’s instinct – that today will be different. There was a lot of calling, and little raising, in the early stages yesterday but today has already shown a different side.

Take Firat Aktag for example. He may already be down to 15,000 but it’s not for a want of trying. He took to a 4♣K♣7♦ flop where he check-called a 400 bet from Naser Nawrozi. On the 6♣ turn Aktag took a different line when he check-raised Nawrozi’s 600 bet up to 2,000. Nawrozi called and then called another 4,200 on the Q♠ river. Aktag just mucked and was shown the Q♦ by his opponent.

Main Event 1b Eurek Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Firat Aktag Tomas Stacha_4DSC_9816.jpg

Firat Aktag
A few hands later, there were three limps (including Aktag on the button) before Jascha Ahmadi raised to 250 (5 bbs) from the small blind. All three limpers called to a 9♥Q♦J♥ flop where Ahmadi continued for 350. Two folds came before Aktag raised to 1,400. Ahmadi called and both players went on to check the A♠ turn. The board completed with the 7♣ and Ahmadu led for 1,100. Aktag blew air through his lips and open folded Q♥5♥ to show he flopped really big. It didn’t work out well for him on either hand but Aktag doesn’t seem in the mood to hand around and wait to make big hands.

Rama Kusnadi is another player showing his intentions early on. The American had previous form on the Eureka tour. Back in December 2013 at Eureka3 Prague his had a lifetime best score of €18,250 after taking down a €550 Turbo PLO event.

He raised to 200 on the button after Oliver Heppchen limped in from the cutoff. Heppchen called and called another 350 on the 10♣4♦J♠ flop. Kusnadi saw another 1,000 called on the 5♦ turn before he checked back on the 5♥ river. Heppchen opened 9♥9♦ but lost out to Kusnadi’s J♥3♥.


Rama Kusnadi
The aggressive nature of the day was backed up by the two players who were eliminated during the first two levels of the day. Ahmet Kiziltas was the first to go in the first level, and was followed by Stefan Renken in level 2.

Kiziltas got married to aces on a J♣9♥2♠ flop and was eliminated after Florian Lechner exposed his set of deuces when both were all in. The board ran out 4♦Q♠.

Renken flopped a set with J♣J♥, on a J♠A♥K♦ flop, in a four-way pot. He bet 2,200 and was called in two spots. On the 7♠ turn he bet 5,000 and was only called by Robert Pipe to head to the 6♦ river where he faced an all in bet of 18,000 chips. He called off his stack and was shown Q♣10♣ by Pipe for the flopped nuts.

As the second level came to an end 104 players had registered so we’re already up on yesterday’s number.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
– Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– Blinds start at 25/50
– Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1B
– Registration closes for today at around 6pm CET


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