Eureka4 Prague: Meanwhile, in another High Roller

December 10, 2014

Whilst the numbers in the €50,000 Super High Roller were steadily dropping this afternoon,a few rows away there was another High Roller whose number were rising skywards and in the process busy obliterating a record for this stop of the tour.

The €2,000 Eureka4 Prague High Roller started at noon and by the time late registration closed at 15.30 local time they number of players had reached 621, smashing the 430 entries that the tournament attracted in 2013 and mockingly looking back over its shoulder as it disappeared into the distance.


Delgado – rolling with it

Last year’s champion – David Peters – was one of many who busted the €50,000 Super High Roller and hopped into the €2,000 edition. The likes of Sorel Mizzi, Vicente Delgado, Fedor Holz, Mike Leah, Mike McDonald, Mike Watson, Dan Shak and Antonio Mateos were all also playing an event 25 times smaller than they had been.


Finger – the only EPT Super High Roller and EPT Main Event winner

And, the more you looked the tougher the field got. If the table draw had been particularly evil you could’ve had more than two full tables of EPT Main Event Champions given that: Dominik Panka, Harrison Gimbel, Dimitar Danchev, Toby Lewis, Oleksii Khoroshenin, Salvatore Bonavena, Martin Finger, Zimnan Ziyard, David Vamplew, Ruben Visser, Maxim Lykov, Pieter de Korver, Nicolas Chouity, Antonio Buonanno, Sotirios Koutoupas, Remi Castaignon, Anton Wigg, Tom Middleton, Joseph Mouawad, Kevin Stani, Robin Ylitalo and Kevin MacPhee all entered the fray.


Theo Jorgensen

And they could’ve looked across the way and seen another couple of tables filled to the brim with Team PokerStars players interspersed with players who’ve won other PokerStars titles as: Eugene Katchalov, George Danzer, Theo Jorgensen, Julien Brecard, Alex Bilokur, Valdemar Kwaysser, Alessio Isaia, Iurii Nesterenko, Dimitri Holdeew, Robert Auer, Ludovic Geilich and Sergio Aido all threw their respective hats in the ring.


Bracelet winner Fabrice Soulier

They were joined by bracelet winners Fabrice Soulier, Jeff Madsen, Konstantin Puchkov and, well you get the idea. All told as €2,000 events go this is shaping up to be a tough one that will be hotly contested throughout.

When the men in suits had crunched the numbers it was decreed that 87 players would make the money with €230,710 reserved for the winner. At time of writing 216 players remain and although that will drop before play ends for the night, this tournament somehow has to play to a winner tomorrow.

Full coverage of the EPT Prague Poker Festival is on the main EPT Prague page. Super High Roller coverage, including blow-by-blow updates in the panel at the top, is on the Super High Roller page. And the Eureka main event is into it’s penultimate day and playing on. That’s on the Eureka Prague page.


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