Eureka4 Prague: Fara and away

December 07, 2014

A big pot in the last level looks to have pushed Tomas Fara into the chip lead. He has become the first player over the 200,000 chip point. On the turn of a Q♦K♣5♥4♣ board, Fara raised Hans Kersebom’s 4,000 bet to 13,300. Kersebom called with about 25,000 left to see the 9♦ on the river before checking. Fara eyed the pot (which was roughly 35,000), then Kersebom’s stack and then the pot once more.

Tomas Fara, chip leader at this point

Fara then announced all-in, putting his opponent to the test. Kersebom took about five minutes before eventually making the call after Fara had called the clock.

The Czech player quietly announced, “Two pair,” and turned over Q♥5♣ for an unlikely holding. Kersebom went to muck his hand but was forced to show K♦J♠ due to it being an all-in showdown. Fara’s stack was substantially increased and it moved him up to 200,000 and the chip lead.

Yannick Bonnet, currently second in chips

The pot meant that Fara overtook Yannick Bonnet – the Frenchman having led for the last hour or so with 190,000, thanks to a mix of sheer aggression but always having the cards when necessary. Other big stacks going into the last level include Jose Carlos Garcia, (151,000), Pavel Kapczynski, (150,000) and Yakov Srbar, (140,000). Mayu Roca has 95,000 while former EPT San Remo champion Rupert Elder sits with 90,000.

Another former EPT winner is merely surviving at this moment, David Vamplew just doubled up with K♦K♣ against Vitalij Zabelovic’s Q♠Q♣ to reach 38,000.

Tournament Update:

– 160/475 players remain
– Level 10: 600/1,200 (200)
– Last level of the day
– 787 players have already registered for Day 1B, arrive early if you want to play
– Former chip leader Martin Sousek had a terrible last two levels and is out


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