Eureka3 Prague: Day 3, level 21-24 updates (15,000/30,000 ante 4,000)

December 11, 2013

4.30pm: 19 players left at the end of level 24
That’s the end of level 24, you’ll find level 25 updates in a new post shortly. Just 19 players remain as Billy Demirtas is out in 22nd, Georgii Bandura is out in 21st and Thomas Layher is out in 20th.

4.25pm: Peter Jaroslav wins two million chip pot
A massive pot has just gone the way of Peter Jaroslav and he looked very pleased that he made the correct call on the river.

I joined the action on the turn of a J♣A♥Q♠5♠ board, Jaroslav had bet 65,000, Lasell King had check-raised to 190,000 and Jaroslav was in the tank, he eventually climbed out of it and made the call. The 7♦ completed the board, King moved all-in, he was the covering stack so his all-in was for an effective 750,000.

This move really put Jaroslav through the wringer, there was roughly 525,000 in the pot andhe thought it over for around three minutes before calling. King showed Q♦9♠ and Jaroslav revealed K♣10♠ for the flopped straight. He was all-in for 747,000 and is up to around 2,025,000 whilst King slips to 1,200,000.

4.10pm: Re-draw news
Here’s a few table highlights that the three table re-draw threw up:

Marcin Horecki is sharing a table with Johannes Tiefenbrunner, who with 2.1M is the current chip leader, Idan Raviv is also at that table and has roughly 1,700,000.

Elsewhere Stephen Chidwick (900,000), Martin Mulsow (600,000) and Zoltan Gal (1,600,000) are all at the same table.

4pm: Chris Moorman doubles through Milan Simko
If Chris Moorman wins this tournament there’s a few hands he might reflect on where he’ll think he had some luck. There was one last night where his opponent flopped a set of kings to his ace high but the board ran all diamonds to chop the pot. Earlier he faded another flopped set when he hit runner-runner straight and he’s just cracked another set, this time in more sedentary fashion.

It all went in on the 10♣5♣9♠ flop with Moorman holding the draw-tastic J♣8♣ but in about as bad shape as possible as Milan Simko had flopped a set of nines. The K♠ turn was a blank but the 6♣ river filled his flush and he doubled. He was all-in on the flop for 499,000 and there was already around 250,000 in the pot so he’s up to roughly 1,300,000.

3.45pm: Marcin Horecki wins huge three-way pot and eliminates two players
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki was standing up, there was a lot of commotion and two other players were also out of their chairs. I looked at the table and saw A♠A♦ in front of Malte Monnig, A♣K♥ in front of Mindaugas Simkus and K♦Q♦ in front of Horecki. This didn’t look good.

But there was Horecki proudly pointing to his cards and I took a look at the board, it was 9♥4♣K♠Q♥6♥, Horecki had hit his 14% and won a massive 1,800,000 chip pot. By virtue of having more chips Simkus finished 23rd and Monnig 24th.


Huge pot for Horecki

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

3.30pm: Down to 24
We’re down to 24 players and there’s now a short break whilst they do a complete re-draw.

Billey Demirtas raised under-the-gun and then four-bet jammed Q♥10♦ for just over 615,000, Thomas Layher, who had three-bet, called it off with A♠J♦ and held on the 4♥A♣4♣9♥8♥ board.

The stacks were very close, Layher had 611,000 and Demirtas had just 8,000 more but he was not next out and now has around 100,000. The 25th place finisher was Asaf Levi.

3.15pm: Kevin MacPhee eliminated in 27th place (€6,100)
Another dangerous player has been eliminated as Kevin MacPhee, the last remaining EPT winner is out. It was two hands that did for him, in the first he called a 25 big blind shove with pocket jacks but lost out to ace-queen when an ace turned. And in the second Zoltan Gal shoved ace-jack from the small blind and MacPhee called off his last 11 big blinds with ace-nine and missed.

3pm: Matti De Meulder eliminated in 28th place (€5,250)
Team PokerStars Pro Matti De Meulder is out in 28th and his chips have gone to Lasell King, who is now up to around 1,900,000.

The Belgian team pro 4-bet jammed ace-queen but ran into King’s pocket kings. Simon Bleckman has also been eliminated and just 25 players remain.


De Meulder is done in 28th

2.45pm:Three out and a new chip leader
Three exits since the break as Jakub Michalak (29th), Adi Alkalay (30th) and Udo Erlei (31st) are all out.

And Johannes Tiefenbrunner, who was at the same table as Erlei is now the chip leader with around 2.2M. It’s likely he eliminated Erlei but I also saw him take a pot from Chris Moorman.

There was enough in the pot to suggest this had been a 3-bet pre-flop pot and of the K♠A♠5♣ flop Moorman (small blind) came out swinging for 90,000, Tiefenbrunner raised it to 253,000 and Moorman gave it up. As he took the pot Tiefenbrunner showed 7♣7♦.

2.25pm: Chip counts
Play is back underway and this is how it stands, just 31 players remain as Billy Chattaway was eliminated just prior to the break.

Ami Barer, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 1,950,000
Milan Simko, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, 1,700,000
Stephen Chidwick, UK, PokerStars player, 1,528,000

Johannes Tiefenbrunner, Germany, 1,475,000
Mark Dalimore, UK, PokerStars player, 1,240,000
Zoltan Gal, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 1,225,000
Lasell King, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 1,175,000

Asaf Levi, Israel, 1,170,000
Idan Raviv, Israel , 1,060,000
Sergey Baranov, Russia, 1,010,000
Kevin MacPhee, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 910,000
Matthias De Meulder, Belgium, Team PokerStars Pro, 890,000

Aleksandr Kraizer, Russia, 830,000
Thomas Martin Layher, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 700,000
Marcin Horecki, Poland, Team PokerStars Pro, 650,000

Houssein Zbib, Lebanon, 648,000


Milan Simko (foreground) leads the Czech charge

Malte Monnig, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 610,000
Joshua Hunt, UK, 595,000
Krzysztof Stuchlik, Poland, 585,000
Mindaugas Simkus, Lithuania, PokerStars qualifier, 560,000
Udo Erlei, Germany, 535,000
Alexander Reard, France, 515,000
Billey Demirtas, Germany, 510,000
Martin Mulsow, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 510,000
Simon Bleckmann, Germany , PokerStars qualifier, 500,000

Georgii Bandura, Russia, 455,000
Chris Moorman, UK, PokerStars player, 430,000
Adi Alkalay, Israel, PokerStars player, 400,000

Peter Jaroslav, Czech Republic, 398,000
Jakub Michalak, Poland, PokerStars player, 370,000
Dmitri Holdeew, Germany, PokerStars player, 320,000


Chris Moorman

Blinds up: 12,000/24,000, ante 3,000

2.02pm: Break time
The remaining players are now on a 20 minute break, we’ll be getting eyes on chip counts during this break to unearth the big, short and medium stacks.

2pm: Final four tables, Barer still leads
We’re down to 32 players, arranged around four eight handed tables. Ami Barer still leads, but both Milan Simko (1,600,000) and Stephen Chidwick (1,500,000) are at his table and have big stacks. If two of them clash someone will get their hands on a average stack for the final table a long way out.

Latest exits are: Ivan Skorospelkin (33rd), Ruben Gonzalez (34th) and Igor Kasyanov (35th).

1.50pm: How Lappin lost
Earlier today (see 12.30pm post) David Lappin was eliminated, a few moments ago he was kind enough to tell me how. “There was an open, I shoved 24 big blinds with A♣10♣ and the small blind woke up with aces. The original raiser folded eights. The flop was something like 9-4-2 with no clubs!.”

1.40pm: Double hit for Gal
To lose one all-in as a favorite is misfortune to lose two in a matter of minutes, is downright demoralising.

That’s what just happened to Zoltan Gal and here’s how. In the first he opened to 38,000 and then after a long, long tank he called Malte Monnig’s 347,000 chip shove. The latter had A♠J♠, whilst Gal had pocket fours. The Q♦3♠J♣7♠K♦ board favouring the overcards.

Then after he’d opened with pocket queens, Udo Erlei moved in for 230,000 with A♥8♥ and Gal made the call. The 8♠3♥6♠ board was safe enough, the 10♥ turn a little treacherous and the A♠ river a proper wounder.

He’s now down to 650,000.

1.30pm: Matti De Meulder doubles through Kevin MacPhee
Down to just 240,000 Team PokerStars Pro Matti De Meulder moved all-in with Q♠J♥ and Kevin MacPhee called with A♦5♥. The 8♥5♣2♠Q♣7♠ board gave De Meulder the win and he doubled to 500,000 whilst MacPhee slips to 750,000.


Matti De Meulder

1.20pm: Three-way all-in
“All-in and call on table 54,” and I rushed over to see three players with cards on their backs.

Krzysztof Stuchlik: Q♣J♠ – all-in for 170,000
Chris Moorman: A♠J♥ – all-in for 301,000
Ivan Skorospelkin: 10♦10♥ – the covering stack

The 2♥7♥10♠ flop meant it looked like double elimination time, “Nine,” said Stuchlik calling the card he needed to stay alive. The dealer placed the 9♠ on the felt. A few seconds later the 8♦ river appeared meaning Stuchlik took the main pot with a queen high straight and tripled up to 530,000. Moorman took the side pot and lost a small amount on the hand and is down to 270,000 and the unlucky Skorospelkin is down to around 300,000.

Mark Dalimore has been moved to another table so round two or Moorman vs Dalimore will have to wait.

1.10pm: Barer takes the chip lead
The current chip leader is Ami Barer, the Canadian is up to 2,300,000. I’m not sure exactly how he reached such lofty heights, but he started the day with just 614,000. However, Mario Puccini, who had more than a million at the start of day, is out. The two are probably connected. Also out is Martin Dahle, meaning 35 remain.

Barer is at the same table as Marcin Horecki, the Team PokerStars Pro has roughly 700,000.

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000

1pm: Dalimore takes one from Moorman
There’s an interesting dynamic already developing between Chris Moorman and Mark Dalimore, with the latter having position.

The two of them just played an interesting pot, mostly for the table chat Dalimore aimed at Moorman, I didn’t catch any specifics but Dalimore was trying to elicit information from Moorman and the latter wasn’t having any of it.

In the pot in question it folded to Moorman in the small blind, he raised to 38,000 and after a bit of banter Dalimore made the call. The flop fell 6♥5♦K♥, Moorman checked. Dalimore bet and Moorman smooth called.

The 3♦ turn and 7♠ river were both checked through and there was a bit of consternation over who had to show first. The rule was it was left of dealer first so Moorman showed 8♠6♠, but Dalimore had him beat with K♣J♥.

First blood to Dalimore then.

12.45pm: More for MacPhee as Florin Calin out in 38th
Not a lot Florian Calin could do about his exit to be honest. He was down to less than 10 big blinds and found K♠6♠ when it folded to him on the button. In went his final 130,000, next to act was Kevin MacPhee he called with A♥A♦ and watched on as the board ran 10♦3♦7♦4♥3♠.

With that pot MacPhee is back to where he started the day with around 800,000. The player to his direct left – Lasell King – has had a storming start to the day turning his stack of 269,000 into 1,200,000. Not bad for a player who had less than five big blinds late last night.

Just 37 left then, Cemil Doganyilmaz was out in 39th and Day 1b chip leader Erik Soderholm was eliminated in 40th.


Kevin MacPhee

12.30pm: Final five tables
There have been three exits so far today and David Lappin, despite his early double up, is one of them, he finished 42nd whilst Alexander Beresnev was 41st,

With the Russian’s exit the table that Chris Moorman was at was broken and Moorman is now sitting in seat five at table 54, two the right of Mark Dalimore and across the felt from Stephen Chidwick.

12.15pm: Early doubles for Moorman and Lappin
Heard the one about the Englishman and the Irishman both doubling up in the first orbit? Probably, this is poker after all, but I can tell you that both Chris Moorman and David Lappin have scored double ups in the opening 10 minutes.

“It was on the very first hand,” Moorman told me. “I had ace-king against queens,” he didn’t say which overcard he hit but Moorman is up to 715,000 and he took a bite out of Igor Kasyanov who is down to 350,000.

As for Lappin, “I had jacks against king-queen, I flopped a jack so didn’t really have a sweat,” he’s up to 430,000 whilst as a result Zoltan Gal is down to 400,000.

12pm: Catch Chidwick if you can
Hello and welcome to the penultimate day of the massive Eureka3 Prague Main Event, 1,315 players have been whittled down to just 43 and by the end of today only eight will remain.

Leading the charge is Stephen ‘Stevie444’ Chidwick, with a stack of 1,479,000 he’s got the best chance of making the final table but with an average stack for the final table being 3,287,500 even he will have enjoy a good day to make the final eight.

Hoping to join him there will be Team PokerStars Pros Marcin Horecki and Matti De Meulder, Chris Moorman, Kevin MacPhee, Martin Mulsow, David Lappin, Mark Dalimore and a host of others. This is how the players line up at the start of day, the two chip leaders – Chidwick and Dalimore – are on the same table.


Stephen Chidwick

54, 1, Ivan Skorospelkin, Russia, Live satellite qualifier, 747,000
54, 2, David Lappin, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 208,000
54, 3, Zoltan Gal, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 620,000

54, 4, Krzysztof Stuchlik, Poland, 299,000
54, 6, Mark Dalimore, UK, PokerStars player, 1,379,000
54, 7, Dmitri Holdeew, Germany, PokerStars player, 284,000
54, 8, Stephen Chidwick, UK, PokerStars player, 1,479,000

55, 1, Adi Alkalay, Israel, PokerStars player, 581,000
55, 3, Martin Mulsow, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 841,000

55, 4, Aleksandr Kraizer, Russia, 898,000
55, 5, Alexander Beresnev, Russia, Live satellite qualifier, 351,000
55, 6, Igor Kasyanov, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 678,000
55, 7, Chris Moorman, UK, PokerStars player, 317,000
55, 8, Mindaugas Simkus, Lithuania, PokerStars qualifier, 393,000

61, 1, Johannes Tiefenbrunner, Germany, 930,000
61, 2, Udo Erlei, Germany, 284,000
61, 3, Malte Monnig, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 362,000
61, 4, Alexander Reard, France, 401,000
61, 5, Peter Jaroslav, Czech Republic, 323,000
61, 6, Georgii Bandura, Russia, 245,000
61, 7, Joshua Hunt, UK, 925,000
61, 8, Billy Chattaway, UK, 1,055,000

62, 2, Sergey Baranov, Russia, 976,000
62, 3, Matthias De Meulder, Belgium, Team PokerStars Pro, 486,000
62, 4, Florin Calin, Romania, 180,000
62, 5, Kevin MacPhee, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 769,000
62, 6, Lasell King, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 261,000
62, 7, Ruben Gonzalez, Spain, PokerStars qualifier, 505,000
62, 8, Erik Soderholm, Sweden, PokerStars player, 301,000

65, 1, Jakub Michalak, Poland, PokerStars player, 283,000
65, 2, Ami Barer, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 614,000

65, 3, Henri Kasper, Estonia, 327,000
65, 5, Milan Simko, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, 1,040,000
65, 6, Mario Puccini, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 1,147,000
65, 7, Marcin Horecki, Poland, Team PokerStars Pro, 853,000

65, 8, Houssein Zbib, Lebanon, 477,000

66, 1, Martin Dahle, Norway, 243,000
66, 2, Thomas Martin Layher, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 976,000
66, 3, Idan Raviv, Israel , 842,000
66, 4, Billey Demirtas, Germany, 390,000
66, 5, Cemil Doganyilmaz, Turkey, 263,000
66, 6, Simon Bleckmann, Germany , PokerStars qualifier, 421,000
66, 8, Asaf Levi, Israel, 1,032,000

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha


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