Eureka3 Prague, Day 2: Seat open

December 10, 2013

Tournament rule no 673: No matter how many levels you play on Day 1a there will always be a mass of exits during the first level of Day 2.

Anyone who’s ever played a multi-day live tournament will know the above rule to be true, be there eight, nine, ten or 73 levels played on Day 1 the most common phrase you hear during the opening level on Day 2 is ‘seat open’. If this were a game of Family Fortunes then the survey might also say, ‘all-in and ‘players we’re breaking your table.’


With all the exits Bonavena has room to stretch

And wouldn’t you know it Day 2 of the Eureka3 Prague Main Event has been no different. In fact it’s been even more hectic than usual as 69 players busted during the opening 60 minutes. It was a short day for Christoph Erdt, Shay Shmaryahu. Rasmus Agerskov, Amar Begovic, Pavel Kirilenko, Milen Ivanov, Andrey Litvinov, Victor Wessman, Alain Medesan, Ronnie Espensen, Vartan Manucharyan, Constantinos Gabrielides, Martin Gaudig, Andrey Shchegolev, Bryan Leskowitz, Patrick Zahn, Jari Salminen, Jorge Ufano, Andrey Germanovich, Daniel Horst, Vladimir Volkov, Stavros Kalfas, Erik Tamm, Lander Dejonghe, Tom Hall, Darren Rabinowitz, Carsten Vestbjerg, Joseph Chacour, Simon Fuller, Rasmus Vogt, Juha Talvisto, Tobias Garp, Georges Sultanem…


Tobias Garp – out

…Sigbjorn Mortveit, Roman Korenev, Mark Holland, Evgenii Leonidov, Pavlos Benakis, Luca Fiorini, Krzysztof Dulowski, Stig Harold, Nichan Khorchidian, Alexander Rettenbacher, Velizar Gardasevic, Andrii Nadieliaiev, Richard Milne, Georgios Giorkatzis, Lars Johannes, Garoar Hauksson, Armin Eckl, Rytis Praninskas, Damir Vasiljevic, Horvath Endre, Illan Boujenah, Selym Filali, Piotr Makarejczuk, Athanasios Lagos, Avgoustis Chrysostomou, Denis Evdokimov, Jeff Rossiter, Georgios Katopodis, Michael Lundsgaard, Tommy Velliama, Laszlo Molnar, Ali Dizaji, Borys Drabkin, Friedrich Hensler, Cosimo Sabatini and Tomasz Kowalski.


Rossiter – also out

But it’s not all been about the exits in the opening level of play, it’d be remiss of me if I didn’t mention a double up. Petr Horak doubled to around 66,000 when his pocket jacks held against Yuriy Iskakov’s K♦Q♥.

Tournament Update:

– The winner of Eureka3 Prague Main Event will receive €226,400
– 191 players will get paid with a min-cash worth €1,750
– As I mentioned last night Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki was multitabling at the end of Day 1b as he decided to play the €220 no-limit Omaha Hi-Lo side event. He finished in the money in 11th place!
– The plan for today is to play nine or ten levels, dependent, you imagine, on how many players are left.
– It’s not been a good start for Christophe De Meulder. The Team PokerStars Pro has, according to his twitter feed, lost every hand he’s played and he’s down to just 14,000.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha


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