Eureka3 Prague: Day 2 level 14-18 updates (4,000/8,000 ante 1,000)

December 10, 2013

10.01pm: Break
That’s the end of level 18, you’ll find level 18 updates in a new post.

10pm: How MacPhee grabbed the lead
Getting a big hand is hard, getting it to hold even harder. But that’s how Kevin MacPhee got a boost to 550,000 and since then he’s built up to 650,000 and is one of the top five stacks.

9.55pm: A look the final 76
The business end of this tournament is shaping up to be quite something…

– There are still three Team PokerStars Pros in the mix as Marcin Horecki, Alex Kravchenko and Matti De Meulder play on.
– There are two EPT Main Event champions playing too. Kevin MacPhee is one of the chip leaders with 650,000 and Martin Finger has around 180,000.
– Two of the UK’s best players are still in as Chris Moorman (390,000) and Stephen Chidwick (370,000) represent.
– Martin Mulsow – who has an EPT side event win to his name – is also still in, as in David Lappin. The Irishman made a deep run at EPT Deauville in February, which coincidentally, is where Mulsow won his side event.
– 76 players remain and the average stack is 342,000.

9.35pm: Perfect 10
I’ve just been told by tournament staff that players will play until the end of level 20 tonight. We’ve currently around 30 minutes left in level 18 so expect players to bag and tag around 12.30 a.m local time. Just 82 players remain at the moment. On the next break I’ll be getting chip counts of everyone left in.

9.25pm: One De Meulder down
Christophe De Meulder is out meaning that the number of Team PokerStars Pro at Table 2 is the same as the table number. Maricn Horecki has 585,000, whilst Alex Kravchenko has 255,000.

De Meulder, who’s now watching his brother, told me how he went out. “I had fours against ace-jack in a 200,000 pot and seat four (Jesse Yahinuma) hit.”


Christophe De Meulder

Blinds up: 4,000/8,000, ante 1,000

9.15pm: Money, money, money
I’ve just uploaded the full prizepool information to the blog, click here for all the details.

9pm: Big pot gives Krzysztof Stuchlik the lead
Krzysztof Stuchlik is the new chip leader as he now has around 640,000 after eliminating Gerald Karlic. The latter was at risk for his final 120,000 or so with A♣10♥, Stuchlik had him in a bind as he held A♦K♥. A 6♠Q♥5♣3♥Q♦ board and that was that for Karlic.

8.40pm: Poker Tour now truly global
Even though Eureka Poker Tour events are generally held in middle-European cities, the tour’s appeal has already expanded far beyond Europe and now attracts players from all over the world. The tour has grown enormously and, for some countries, we now have up to three times as many players in Season 3 compared to Season 1.

The image below reveals the tour’s growth. The inaugural Eureka Prague attracted players from 39 different countries, only three of which were not European. Last season, the number of nations had expanded to 53 including 16 non-European. In Season 3, we now have 58 different countries represented, including 18 non-European. Players now hail from six continents. Particularly impressive has been the increase in players from Germany, Russia, France, Sweden and Israel.

Eureka 3 Prague hit 1,315 runners with Russians accounting for the highest percentage here at the Hilton Prague with 155 players (over 12%). This was followed by Germany (138), Czech Republic & Poland shared the third place (both 70). The chart below shows entrants from all countries that have made it into top 10 for at least one season in Prague. The increase of players and nations has made Eureka a truly global tour.


Entrants by country in the Eureka Poker Tour

8.20pm: Chip leaders
So who’s chipped up then? Well thanks to the fantastic tournament dealers I can tell you. Your chip leaders as level 17 gets underway are;

Fadi Char – 550,000
Abdessamade El Mzdadi – 539,000
Billey Demirtas – 497,000
Zoltan Gal – 480,000
Marcin Horecki – 465,000
Rene Hochmuth – 465,000


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki

8.10pm: Back from the break
The 500 denomination chips have been raced off and play is back underway here in Prague.

Blinds up: 3,000/6,000, ante 1,000

6.55pm: Dinner break
The players are now on a 75 minute dinner break. During the break tournament staff will be getting a count of the biggest stack on each table so I’ll be able to give you an idea of who the chip leaders are.

6.40pm: Chip counts
Whilst Henrique Pinho may be out (see below) there are still four Team Pros going strong. Heading them, at the moment, is Alex Kravchenko, he’s got 222,000. Next comes Matti De Meulder who’s on 165,000, he’s just ahead of his brother – Christophe – who has 150,000 and Marcin Horecki, who’s at the same table as Christophe, has 147,000.

6.35pm: Pinho busts
Team PokerStars Pro Henrique Pinho has just been eliminated from the Main Event. He was all-in for his last 40,000 with K♦8♦ and up against Zoran Dordevic’s A♦4♣. The community cards came 7♥9♥J♣4♥10♦ to eliminate Pinho.

6.20pm: MacPhee on the up
It’s been a good couple of hours for Kevin MacPhee.

6.20pm: In the money finishers
Already 40 players have busted since the bubble burst, they’re all in the money and this is what they’ve won.

151, Mitchell Johnson, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, €1,850
152, Aleksandr Gofman, Russian Federation, €1,850
153, Edvin Nyholm, Sweden, €1,850
154, Grudi Hristov Grudev, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
155, Romain Rybicki, France, €1,850
156, Claus Danninger, Austria, €1,850
157, Franz Ditz, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
158, Ojan Faramarzi, Sweden, PokerStars player, €1,850
159, Marko Kolega, Croatia, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
160, Amanda Musumeci, United States, €1,850
161, Daniel Major, Hungary, €1,850
162, Irina Batorevich, Czech Republic, €1,850
163, Tomer Shteinhaur, Israel, €1,850
164, Dragana Todorovic, Serbia, €1,850
165, Alexander Kostylev, Russian Federation, €1,850
166, Fedor Balin, Russian Federation, €1,850
167, Dimitrios Gkiourtzidis, Greece, PokerStars player, €1,850
168, Andrey Grenko, Russian Federation, PokerStars player, €1,850
169, Michael Horburger, Austria, #N/A, €1,850
170, Toni Ojala, Finland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
171, Mathias Baumgartner, Germany, €1,850


Dragana Todorovic

172, Lukasz Pezda, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
173, Bohumil Valenta, Czech Republic, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
174, Robert Pucek, Czech Republic, €1,850
175, Yngve Steen, Norway, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
176, Lars Anders Dahlin, Sweden, €1,850
177, Stefan Puchovsky, Slovakia, €1,850
178, Krzysztof Skrzypaszek, Poland, €1,850
179, Mikhail Shevchuk, Russian Federation, €1,850
180, Georgi Gochev, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
181, Igor Rybak, Russian Federation, Live satellite qualifier, €1,850
182, Mateusz Moolhuizen, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, €1,850
183, Martin Hansen, Denmark, PokerStars player, €1,850
184, Niklas Nielsen, Denmark, €1,750
185, Heinrich Leuzinger, Switzerland, €1,750
186, Jean Mikhael, Lebanon, €1,750
187, Jean-Philippe Piquette, Canada, €1,750
188, Tobias Wagner, Germany, €1,750
189, Tamas Barbarics, Hungary, €1,750
190, Roman Foret, Czech Republic, Live satellite qualifier, €1,750
191, Hakan Demircioglu, Turkey, €1,750

6pm: Haier gets a raise
Robert Haier just got a much needed double up against Milan Simko but he’s still short on chips. He was all-in for around 12,000 with pocket sevens and up against A♥5♣ the 10♣K♣5♠6♥2♥ board kept him alive. As for Simko it was barely even a scratch as he’s got 550,000 and is amongst the chip leaders.

5.50pm: Eureka Mini anything but
The Eureka Main Event isn’t the only tournament taking place today, the Eureka Mini event – a €330 event that uses the same structure as the Main Event but starts with 10,000 chips – has proved to be as big a success as the Main Event. There are now 156 alternates in and over 450 players.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s a €5k PLO Championship event that got underway at noon. There’s 71 players in that including Team Pros Vanessa Selbst, Ville Wahlbeck and Johnny Lodden.

Blinds up: 2,500/5,000, ante 500

5.35pm: Moorman and Chidwick power on
Two of the UK’s best players over the past few years are making a run at this tournament. Chris Moorman has about 170,000, whilst Stephen Chidwick is playing 230,000.

5.25pm: The other all-ins from the bubble
Although the bubble burst on just the second hand of hand for hand play (see below) there were two other all-ins during this time frame.

First to put his life on the line was Ludovich Geilich, he opened to 8,000 with J♦J♥, Dennis Wilke three-bet to 25,000 from the small blind with K♦3♦ and then called when Geilich shoved for 70,000. The 9♠5♥Q♣10♣9♥ board gave Geilich a little bit of a sweat but the UKIPT4 Marbella winner is still in.

Then, on the same hand that Jaxi Kiernan was all-in there was also an all-in on another table. It was Aleksandr Gofman who was at risk, all-in for 22,500 with A♦8♦ but he was in good shape against Simon Lindberg’s A♣3♣. A 7♦6♥J♠K♦5♦ board meant that Gofman survived.

5.10pm: Jaxi Kiernan bubbles Eureka Prague
On just the second hand of hand for hand play on the pure bubble Jaxi Kiernan found pocket kings and committed his stack of around 105,00. Sadly for him he ran them straight into the pocket aces of Thomas Layher. There was no miracle outdraw as the board came 4♦5♠4♠2♣5♥.

191 left here in Prague all of whom are guaranteed €1,750.


Bubble action in Prague

5.05pm: In the money
Everyone left in is now in the money, details on the bubble hand coming right up. EPT winner Kevin MacPhee is one of those to make the money.

4.55pm: On the bubble
We’re now playing hand for hand here in Prague.

4.35pm: Chip counts
The following players are the big stacks on the bubble:

Georgios Zisimopoulos – 420,000
Ruben Gonzalez – 360,000
Martin Finger – 355,000
Peter Macej – 340,000
Houssein Zbib – 335,000

There are also lots of names and notables left in they include: Matti De Meulder (160,000), Alex Kravchenko (100,000), Marcin Horecki (205,000), Martin Mulsow (300,000), Salvatore Bonavena (190,000), Kevin MachPhee (180,000) and Ludovich Geilich (105,000).

Blinds up: 2,000/4,000, ante 500

4.20pm: Break just before the bubble
That’s the end of level 14 and players are now on a 20 minute break. Just 193 remain, with 191 getting paid it’s squeaky bum time.

4.10pm: You can speak Flemish I promise
If you try really hard I reckon you’ll be able to speak Flemish and even if you can’t then you can probably get the gist of what Christophe De Meulder is saying below. All you really need to know is that he’s up to 170,000 after being as low as 14,000 earlier.

4.05pm: Close but no cigar
A staggering 183 players have fallen by the wayside today. Some of the more recent exits were: Dara Davey, Simeon Naydenov, Dmitry Vitkind, Joe Kuether, Simeon Todorov and Alex Goulder.

4pm: Glittering cash prizes
We’re down to just 213 players here in Prague and 191 of them will get paid. The massive Eureka Prague Main Event attracted 1,315 players creating a huge 7-figure prize pool. €1,275,550 will be divided between 191 players and the new champion will take home an impressive €226,410 – the biggest prize ever awarded in Eureka Poker Tour history. The first prize actually exceeds nearly all the total prize pools awarded in Eureka season 1. All players who make the money are guaranteed at least €1,750. Here’s what they’re playing for.

1 €226,400
2 €131,400
3 €92,500
4 €68,800
5 €53,500
6 €39,800
7 €30,500
8 €21,700
9 €16,800
10-11 €14,000
12-13 €12,550
14-15 €11,200
16-17 €9,900
18-20 €8,600
21-23 €7,350
24-27 €6,100
28-31 €5,250
32-39 €4,550
40-55 €3,850
56-71 €3,150
72-95 €2,650
96-119 €2,350
120-143 €2,050
144-183 €1,850
184-191 €1,750


Kevin MacPhee – The EPT winner is hunting Eureka gold

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha


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