Eureka3 Prague, Day 1B: Keep them coming

December 09, 2013

We’re now into level three here in Prague and they are rolling out poker tables as fast as possible at the Hilton Prague to cope with the massive turnout for Day 1b of Eureka Prague Main Event. Even EPT President Edgar Stuchly and Tournament Director Thomas Lamatsch have been lending a hand moving partition walls in the lobby area outside the Congress Hall to create more space.


Erm, this wasn’t in my contract

More than 80 tables are now in action to accommodate the numbers. Some 880 players are expected today making the Eureka Prague Main Event the biggest poker tournament ever held in Prague. Amongst those to roll up recently are Team PokerStars Online’s Dale Philip, Alfonso Amendola, Jeff Sarwar, Jeff Rossiter, Jannick Wrang, Martin Staszko, Kimmo Kurko, Balasz Botond, Sotirios Koutoupas, Erich Kollmann and John O`Shea.

Whilst Goran Urumovic, George Dadeshkeliani, Evangelos Terzoudis, Alexander Shchigolrv, Virgilio di Cicco, Gergely Rona, Lurii Nesterneko, Richard Griffiths, Jonathan Little, Shai Zurr and Daniel Tighe are all out.


Alfonso Amendola


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