Eureka Croatia: Day 1B, levels 5, 6, 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600 ante 50)

August 25, 2011


11.55pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15 minute break whilst tournament staff colour up the 25 denomination chips. They’ll return for one more level of play which you’ll find in a new post.

11.50pm: Chip leaders
Dominik Mokni still holds the chip lead, he has a stack of around 94,000. He’s been moved tables and is now sat two to the right of Robert Kacinski who has a solid 68,000.

11.40pm: Exits
There are 63 players left as the last few minutes of level eight ticks by. Tournament director Thomas Lamatsch predicted somewhere around 44-48 survivors from today and it looks like he’s going to be spot on.

Recent exits include: Cristian Olaru, Milan Lakatos and Luka Lesic.

11.20pm: Some chip counts
Most of the players I’ve been tracking all day are still in, here’s their chip counts: Damir Alidzanovic (18,800), Milan Rakic (17,700), Peter Poles (14,275), Alain Medesan (18,000), Barry Carson (50,000), K. Splid Hansen (13,800) and Alexandru Butcaru appears to be near the chip lead with 80,000.

eureka croatia_day 1b_alexandru butcaru.jpg

Alexandru Butcaru

11.05pm: Contrasting fortunes for Canada
There’s been markedly contrasting fortunes for the two Canadians in the field since the dinner break. On the one hand Parker Talbot is flying and up to 41,000 whilst sadly Dan Williams has just busted. “I had [K][Q] and flat called a raise of 1,000. The flop was [A][A][Q] and he checked, I bet 1,100, he check-raised to 3,200 and I moved all-in even though I knew I was dead and he called with [A][K]. It was a frustrating tournament, I’m not happy with how I was playing. I was a bit gun shy, afraid to pull the trigger.”

eureka croatia_day 1b_dan williams2.jpg

Dan Williams

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600 ante 50

10.50pm: Exits
Recent exits include Shawn Kelly, Borko Brunovic and Boris Klaric. The board is showing that 73 players remain.

10.40pm: Mokni geezer
The current chip leader is Dominik Mokni from Hungary, he has a stack of around 84,000.

10.25pm: Prizepool and Payouts
A total of 255 players entered the Eureka Croatia main event creating a prize pool of €180,566. Of those 255 just 27 will be paid with the winner banking €46,466 whilst €29,700 will soften the blow of losing heads-up. A min-cash is worth €1,450, for full payout details click here.

10.10pm: The life of a traveling pro
I just had a quick chat with Alain Medesan. The Romanian pro spends a lot of time traveling the circuit and can often be found organising last longers at tournaments : “Traveling always traveling,” he said. “From here I”ll go to Nova Gorica and from there I’m undecided.” He’s on about 14,000 at the moment and has just been moved to the left of Parker Talbot.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400 ante 50

9.55pm: Chip counts
Keep an eye on the chip counts page throughout the closing levels as I’ll be adding players to it as they chip up and removing players who bust.

9.40pm: Chip leaders
Currently it looks like Stavros Kalfas who has 65,200 is the chip leader, closest to him is Robert Kacinski who has 61,150. No one else appears to have over 50,000.

eureka croatia_day 1b_stavros kalfas.jpg

Stavros Kalfas

9.33pm: Back from the break
The 80 remaining players are now back in their seats, there’s around 25 minutes left of level six.

8.30pm: Dinner break
Players are now on a one hour dinner break.

8.25pm: Blame Canada
It seems Dan Williams isn’t the only Canadian in the field today. The man who goes by the handle ‘Sect7G’ in a homage to Homer Simpson told me: “I had 22,000 but since then I’ve just been drizzling downwards,” he currently has 12,700. As he was chatting to me another player came up an introduced himself to Williams, a fellow Canadian called Parker Talbot, the latter is doing a bit better than Williams as he has 16,000.

8.15pm: Flushed
Dedic Lobel just dragged a nice pot with the nut flush to put Tea Krstanovic in a world of hurt. She had raised to 800 from early position and Lobel flat called from the cut-off. On the flop of K♣J♣9♦ Krstanovic checked to Lobel who bet 1,200, call. The turn was the 8♣ and again the pattern was check, bet (2,050), call. The J♦ completed the board and Krstanovic checked again, Lobel emptied the clip betting 3,000 and after a dwell of around a minute, Krstanovic made the call but mucked when Lobel showed A♣Q♣.

8pm: Dinner break at 8.30pm
I’ve just been told that the dinner break begins at 8.30 which means play will be paused with around 25-30 minutes left in this level.

Currently 90 players remain.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.45pm: Naydenov no more
A colleague informed me that he saw Simeon Naydenov walking away from the table, strange given that just a short time ago he was one of the chip leaders. Still on closer inspection his seat was empty and Robert Kacinski, who had just 27,000 at the break, now has 59,00 and it’s likely the two events are connected.

7.30pm: More big stacks emerge
Former chip leader Stavros Kalfas has slipped a little to around 48,000 and it’s now Robert Kacinski (59,000) who has the lead with Damir Molan not far behind.

7.15pm: Chip leaders
During the break tournament staff did chip counts of the big stacks at each table, so as it stands these lucky players are the chip leaders: Simeon Naydenov (42,875), Mated Marinovic (41,050), Aurelius Genevicius (39,025), Aleksandar Tomovic (40,725), Boris Savija (40,675) and Stavros Kalfas appears to be chip leader with 52,625.

7.05pm: Galic gone
I’ve just seen Dragan Galic walking away from the poker room, the tall Croatian had been short stacked for some time and he won’t be adding to his $1,261,507 in career earnings in this event.

6.55pm: Players are back in their seats
A total of 103 players are left which means 34 were eliminated in the opening four levels. One of the more experienced players who is still in the hunt is Alain Medesan from Romania.

eureka croatia_day 1b_alain medesan.jpg

Alain Medesan – still in the hunt

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca


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