EPT9 Sanremo: Stammen beats Karr to trophy in Event #14, books €92,900

October 07, 2012


American grinder Keven ‘Stammdoogg’ Stammen has won Event #14: €2,200 NL Hold’em turbo beating McLean Karr heads-up for €92,000. The turbo event saw 153 players buy-in with players including EPT winner Kent Lundmark, Shannon Shorr and Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth making the money. Stammen entered the final table out in front and managed to withstand the swings of fast moving 15-minute blinds to hold on for the trophy.

Tournament info
Buy-in: €2,100
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 153
Prize pool: €296,820

1. Keven Stammen, USA, €92,900
2. McLean Karr, USA, €51,950
3. Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, €31,150
4. Shannon Shorr, USA, €22,250
5. Roman Romanovskyi, Ukraine, €17,800
6. Kent Lundmark, Sweden, €14,850
7. Alexander Zyamin, Russian Federation, €11,900
8. Jacques Torbey, Lebanon, €8,900
9. Jasper Winzerling, Sweden, €6,550
10. Michel Abecassis, France, €6,550
11. Christian Troger, Austria, €5,900
12. Philippe Narboni, France, €5,900
13. Jude Ainsworth, Ireland, Team PokerStars Pro, €5,350
14. Daniele Mazzia, Italy, €5,350
15. Emil Eranosyan, Russian Federation, €4,760
16. Pierre Cecco, France, €4,760

Stammdogg, El Stammalino, Stamm the tank. You could imagine Keven Stammen getting called any of these at college or high school, probably by a football fan trying to unsuccessfully chest-bump him while sloshing around a warm can of Budweiser. The guy is a unit but In the online world of poker, where the only size that matters is that of your stack, bet and heart, Stammdogg is still a giant. Wins in the Super Tuesday, $100 and $50 re-buys have all contributed to Stammen racking up $3,126,848 in cashes at PokerStars.

Stammen’s biggest day at PokerStars came when he finished third in the 10th Anniversary $10,300 High Roller for $219,725. His online success has been well matched live with $1,300,509 in winnings buoyed by a $506,786 WSOP bracelet win in 2009.


Keven ‘Stammdogg’ Stammen

So would a win of just €92,000 still get Stammdogg’s blood pumping?

“I meant a lot to me to win that. I needed it pretty bad actually,” said Stammen.

Had he had a bad summer?

“Yeah, something like that,” said Stammen.

More on that later. How did Stammen manage to beat down the other heroes at the final table, such as former US Air Force officer Karr and EPT Barcelona champ Lundmark?

“When there was twelve left I was pretty short but I got ace-king all-in against ace-three and tens in against sevens. I ran pretty good and came into the final table as chip leader then got lucky enough to win,” said Stammen.

But on a tough final table, luck alone is never going to be enough. With a number of titles and a large pile of combined live winnings, who was Stammen most concerned about?

“I didn’t really give a shit,” said Stammen, chuckling.


McLean Karr

“It was kind of fun playing McLean. I play with him a lot so felt pretty good playing against him but it’s a turbo, you know, it’s pretty much the luck of the cards at that point. He had me two-to-one then I got even. He got two-to-one again and I got aces to double up, then I got ace-queen in against ace-six and ace-seven against queen-six. It was pretty simple,” said Stammen.

The American is currently splitting time between living on the road and staying at his parents, a transitory existence created through misfortune. If luck was needed to win the turbo, it looks like Stammen was due some.

“I don’t really have a home right. My apartment burnt down when I was in Vegas,” said Stammen.

A €92,000 win should at least go some way to kitting out a new pad, and Stammen is still a runner in the main event. Another final table score and he’ll be able to buy a new place.


Book another win for the Stammdogg

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