EPT9 Sanremo: Second flight ready to play

October 06, 2012


It’s another glorious late summer day in Sanremo, a town that rejects autumn and chooses a late summer instead.

The sun is at its hottest in these moments before play starts. The town long ago voted against installing shade making it a punishing walk from even the nearest hotel. It’s easy to imagine that a large portion of the field are here to play only because they were looking for an air conditioned place to sit down. Delirious with sunstroke and thirst the €5,000 price tag seems perfectly acceptable.

Players arriving this afternoon display this clammy weariness, like they’d just done a shift in a laundry. While northern Europe shudders under grey cloud and heating bills, the Riviera, like an aged film star hanging refusing to submit to the passing of time, roars on in the spirit of summer.


The streets of Sanremo

After 12 hours of cards yesterday Erion Islamay walked out into that roar, albeit at 3am, bagging up the chip lead after what he called “a wonderful day”, one that hinged on a couple of key hands, one with kings and the other with queens and which left him with 162,300.

Today several hundred more players will use that figure as their marker, hoping to replace his name with theirs after eight levels of 75 minutes.

You can follow hand-for-hand play from the tournament floor via our EPT Sanremo coverage page, while they’ll be regular articles to accompany the day’s play below as well as details of all side events.

You can also use the widget on the right of the page for quick links to the relevant pages, containing all the information to make your EPT Sanremo experience all the more enjoyable. We recommend that you read these updates in a greenhouse or in the bathroom with the shower running to get the full Sanremo effect.

Cards will be in the air at 2pm.


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