EPT9 Sanremo: Sam Trickett edges into chip lead

October 06, 2012


The opening day of EPT Sanremo is now at an end, and Sam Trickett leads after a day that was decidedly more engaging that its predecessor.

After yesterday’s sedentary atmosphere, Day 1B started with drama and continued in the same manner until about 270 of its 477 starters remained. The outcome left one of the world’s best players at the top of the chip count list with eight levels played.

How does Trickett do it? That’s the $17 million question (his current earnings), even if the answer will be there for everyone to see this week. The Brit continues to win in an almost predictable fashion although he’d likely point out that he hasn’t won anything yet.


Chip leader: Sam Trickett

That he out did everyone else today was one thing. That he did it with the table draw that pitted him against his One Drop rival Antonio Esfandiari, recent bracelet winner Jonathan Aguiar and Martin Staszko, is another.


Something to laugh about: Martin Staszko

Others bag up chips tonight for a return tomorrow.

Russian player Artem Litvnov (140,900), Justin Bonomo (152,200), Chris Brammer (147,700), Jonas Macoff (128,500), Kyle Julius (138,600) and Team Pro Andre Akkari (123,000).


Andre Akkari

Other Team Pros will be returning, including Liv Boeree (27,400), Nacho Barbero (116,000), Pius Heinz (74,700) and Team Online’s Luca Moschitta (76,300). The full list can be found on the chip count page.

What they’re playing for was unveiled tonight, a first prize of €800,000 from a prize pool of €3,865,450 that was created by a field of 797. The rest of the prize money, which will be divided up between the top 120 players, as follows:

2nd. € 483,000
3rd. € 283,000
4th. € 225,000
5th. € 171,000
6th. € 132,000
7th. € 96,000
8th. € 65,450

9th and 10th. € 50,000
11th and 12th. € 40,000
13th and 14th. € 32,000
15th and 16th. € 27,000
17th to 24th. € 23,000
25th to 32nd. € 19,000
33rd to 40th. € 16,000

41st to 48th. € 14,000
49th to 56th. € 14,000
57th to 64th. € 12,000
65th to 72nd. € 12,000
73rd to 80th. € 10,000

81st to 88th. € 10,000
89th to 96th. € 10,000
97th to 104th. € 8,000
105th to 112th. € 8,000
113th to 120th. € 8,000

EPT Sanremo has a history for volatility and some players were a little too quick to mock their Italian counterparts. It was they who were responsible for the exits of, among others, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (that’s you Alfonso Donnarumma) and Esfandiari (that’s you Luca Moschitta).


Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier


Antonio Esfandiari

They were not alone on the rail. Joining them was last year’s winner Andrey Pateychuk, Aguiar, Daniel Negreanu (who’s already on his way home), Kevin MacPhee, Michael Tureniec, Vanessa Rousso, Lex Veldhuis and Dario Minieri.


Homeward bound: Daniel Negreanu

Today the second flight arrived in town, with a star studded line-up, watched by informed rail birds, although one of them had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Sam Trickett and Antoinio Esfandiari were reunited in the opening levels, while one of the brightest stars on the UKIPT also played. We also heard from Eugene Katchalov in our Daily Strategy piece and from Sanremo debutant Chris Moneymaker.


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