EPT9 Sanremo: Qualifier of the Day: Charlie Combes

October 05, 2012


Sometimes when you’re a poker player you have to deal with distractions, although none can be worse than a cleaner making off with your drink. Still, Charlie Combes managed to laugh it off, opting not to chase after her when the hand came to a close and he paused for a dinner break.

Apart from that the 26-year-old has had a steady afternoon.

“I started quite well, a few bluffs,” he said. “I messed up one big hand with pocket jacks. He had queens and he flatted on my four bet. It was a King-Four-Five flop. I bet, he called. I thought he was trapping with a monster, which he sort of had. Then the ace came. If I bet I would probably take it down. I checked it down to the river. He won a big pot and I was down to 20,000. Now I’m back to my starting stack.”


Charlie Combes

Combes, who has been a pro for four years, has a handful of EPTs under his belt but has yet to breakthrough into the live game, although that remains his plans as he hopes to convert his online talents. Having lived in Spain and Australia in recent years, he’s now back in London and looking to play more EPT events in the coming months and is in Italy having qualified online on PokerStars.

While Combes may not yet have the long resume dotted with live results (although he has cashes from events across the world) his mother, watching from the rail, certainly does.

Jan Combes, the EPT Ladies champion in London and a finalist in Monte Carlo a few months later, follows the progress of her son from the rail. Four years ago Charlie taught her how to play and Jan took to it with success and is now a regular on the ladies circuit.


Jan Combes with her son Charlie after winning the EPT London ladies event

“It’s a very enjoyable pastime and for all ages as well,” she said, before adding: “It’s a great game if you can play it well.” But while son Charlie works in his professional career, mum Jan will not be following. “I only do it as a pleasure thing. I don’t play it professionally and I don’t want to start.”

That will be left to Charlie. It’s early days but so far so good in Sanremo.


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