EPT9 Sanremo: Philippe Boucher upgrades to a €28,700 win in Event #22

October 11, 2012


The French side of Canada continues to celebrate here in EPT Sanremo thanks to Phillipe Boucher who this afternoon beat Mikko Turtiainen heads-up to win €28,700 and all the plaudits that go with it (massage not included).

Boucher’s win follows in the footsteps of Marc-Andre Ladouceur who won the €5,300 High Roller at the start of the festival for €132,000. Fellow Montrealer Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel final tabled today’s High Roller final table (Event #21) while another member of their crew, Jason Lavallee, is currently out leading the final table of the main event with just seven players left.

Boucher 2.jpg

Philippe Boucher with Jonathan Duhamel (left) and Patrick Fortin

Event #22, 9-11 October
Buy-in: €990
Game: NLHE
Players: 94
Prize pool: €82,062

1. Philippe Boucher, Canada, €28,700
2. Mikko Turtiainen, Finland, €16,400
3. Michele Mangieri, Italy, €9,800
4. Ruslan Lukash, Ukraine, €7,400
5. Alessandro Nocerino, Italy, €5,700
6. Lauri Varonen, Finland, €4,162
7. Ozzy Sheikh, USA, €3,300
8. Piero Alioto, Italy, €2,500
9. Grzegorz Derkowowski, Poland, €2,050
10. Attilio Donato, Italy, €2,050

There’s a group of French Canadians that have been bashing up the poker circuit for the last year or so, including Duhamel, Sam Chartier and Chris ‘d0r1t0s’ McClung. We caught up with McClung last season to find out how travelling in a pack helps get you in winning ways. Boucher certainly backs up this claim.

“There’s always a good vibe but it helps when someone wins when you’re part of a big group. The more we are the stronger we are because we all motivate each other. When you get success like that in the first tournament (Ladouceur’s win) you all try to out do it. It’s like, ‘We’ll win another trophy and get a silly picture. We’re all really in the zone,” said Boucher.

“Most of them swap but for this one I didn’t because all of them were playing other tournaments. You do it especially when you get deeper you swap a couple of percentages to lower the variance,” said Boucher.

Today’s tournament started with just two players left: it had originally been scheduled as a two-day event finishing yesterday. Boucher didn’t waste much time in tying up the win but not before missing his flight home but with a €28,700 win he’ll be able to upgrade.


Boucher with lucky masseuse

Boucher, who is pictured above with his new lucky masseuse Elisabeth (born in Austria, lives in London, Mediterranean background), followed another trend started by Ladouceur.

“She was pretty good and when Marc won there was a masseuse behind in the official picture so that now I was about to win and Jason’s gonna win too it’s just like the French Canadians are taking over the trophies,” said Boucher, a WSOP bracelet winner.

Duhamel didn’t quite make it in the High Roller but Lavallee is still there for the big one. It could be another big win from the East side of Canada.

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