EPT9 Sanremo: Jose Carlos Garcia finishes strong at EPT Sanremo

October 11, 2012


As the dust settles on EPT Sanremo, for another season at least, they’ll be plenty looking back on the festival with a smile on their face and a bulge in their wallet. Among the happiest of that crew will be Jose Carlos Garcia who won the last big tournament of the festival, scooping €58,900 in the €2,100 turbo right at the end of the last day of play. Not only did Garcia get to leave on a high but he managed to achieve what he failed to do earlier this year: win a €2,100 EPT side event. In March at EPT8 Madrid Garcia finished runner-up to Joris Springael. The €58,900 is the Pole’s biggest live result yet. Curiously EPT Loutraki Zimnan Ziyard finished third in both of those events. You can’t knock his consistency.

Event #30, 11 October
Buy-in: €2,100
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 104
Prize pool: €201,760


Jose Garcia

1. Jose Garcia, Poland, €58,900
2. Bjorn Lindberg, Sweden, €46,000
3. Zimnan Ziyard, UK, €22,200
4. Igor Pihela, Estonia, €17,600
5. Thomas Gabriel, USA, €13,600
6. Paul Testud, France, €10,100
7. Carlos Alvarez, Mexico, €8,100
8. Kent Lundmark, Sweden, €6,160
9. Ramin Hajiyev, Azerbaijan, €5,050
10. Nikolay Tsanev, Bulgaria, €5,050
11. Alessandro Traversi, Monaco, €4,500
12. Dan Smith, USA, €4,500

Event #31, 11 October
Buy-in: €120
Game: NLHE hyper turbo
Players: 87
Prize pool: €8,439


Mathias Weiss

1. Mathias Weiss, Germany, €3,000
2. Cristian Giordano, Italy, €1,680
3. Tommie Janssen, Netherlands, €1,000
4. Erik Scheidt, Germany, €760
5. Crisafi Emanuele, Italy, €590
6. Scapin Augusto, Italy, €420
7. Adrian Spitechicu, Italy, €340
8. Giuseppe Epifani, Italy, €249
9. Serge Deric, France, €200
10. Andrea Caviglia, Italy, €200

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