EPT9 Sanremo: High drama expected as chase to final table hots up

October 10, 2012


Good afternoon one and all and welcome back to Sanremo for day five. I hope you are all wearing your bow-ties and evening gowns because today is the day we go up market.

After four days in the main casino, the remaining three tables and 24 players have now decamped to the theatre. It’s a fine affair: red velvet seats, royal boxes, domed ceilings and spotlights. For about 300 nights a year, this is the home to opera, orchestra and drama. For the next two days, only the last of those will be present.

But drama is most certainly expected, as it always will be on a day where we go looking to fill our final table. There are only eight seats available and 24 players chasing a reservation. There’s no getting away from it: there will be tragedy.


It’s a casino and a theatre

Jason Tompkins, from Kildare in Ireland, is currently playing the lead. He enjoyed a spectacular day yesterday, soaring to 2.5m in chips. But Inge Forsmo, who had been the principal player for the two previous days, has hardly been consigned to the role of extra. Forsmo has 2.1m and is right behind, carrying Brutus’s dagger.

Ludovic Lacay has been spending his mornings playing tennis on the clay courts of the Eden Club, Sanremo, the oldest tennis club in Italy. In the afternoons and into the night, he has been turning in one of his typical poker displays, amassing a huge stack of chips. Lacay is third, with 1.7m.


Ludovic Lacay, lurking

None of the others below them is out of it, and it you had to pick the player with the most momentum, it would be Micah Raskin. He was down to 42,000 in chips late on yesterday and staring at certain elimination. But he doubled up, doubled up again, and then played the rush until he finished with exactly one million more: 1,042,000.

Here’s the full table draw for day five:
(Table, seat, name, chips)

1 1 Iulian Ruxandescu 1,218,000
1 2 Matt Salsberg 783,000
1 3 Jonas Mackoff 1,691,000
1 4 Adrian Piasecki 1,000,000
1 5 Alberto Musini 768,000
1 6 Charly Maracchione 260,000
1 7 Carmelo Vasta 632,000
1 8 Andrea Furlanetto 293,000

2 1 Amerigo Santoro 1,000,000
2 2 Artem Litvinov 458,000
2 3 Ludovic Lacay 1,731,000
2 4 Giuseppe Cefalu 715,000
2 5 Imed Mahmoud 510,000
2 6 Jason Tompkins 2,423,000
2 7 Angelo Recchia 1,700,000
2 8 Michael Benvenuti 760,000

3 1 Yevgeniy Timoshenko 533,000
3 2 Ismael Bojang 619,000
3 3 Michele Di Lauro 467,000
3 4 Thomas Gabriel 342,000
3 5 Inge Forsmo 2,025,000
3 6 Negjdel Avdylaj 1,702,000
3 7 Jason Lavallee 1,066,000
3 8 Micah Raskin 1,042,000

Play begins at 2pm local time today and will go on until we have identified the starring eight. As ever keep an eye on the live tournament reporting from EPT Sanremo for all the news from the tournament floor.


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