EPT9 Sanremo: Andrew Dean head of class in main event turbo, books €13,800

October 11, 2012


Main events are huge, colossal beasts. They take days to play out thanks to 30,000 starting stacks and slow moving blinds that kick-off at 50-100. It Ludovic Lacay six days to win EPT Sanremo. Six long days which were only broken up by morning games of tennis (we saw him on the courts) and a rooftop buffet. Imagine if you could condense those six days down to, say, a single afternoon-evening session. What you’d get would be 15 minute blinds, lots of shoving and a Canadian called Andrew Dean taking the trophy and €13,800 first place prize.

Unlike the main event which is covered by photographers of every size, shape and nationality, the EPT main event turbo rushes by in the background recording no infamy for the bubble boy, just minor glory for the first to bust out. Phillip Huxley claimed that spot to win €741, a more-than-doubling of his €330 buy-in, and to add to the two side event cashes he’s made earlier this year (last season, in fact).

As practice for an EPT main event goes, it’s hard to beat. You get to play through the structure and try out all the antes, even if you do only get one orbit per level. Keep an eye open for the EPT Prague schedule at the PokerStars Blog or here at the official EPT website.


Andrew Dean

Event #29, 11 October
Buy-in: €330
Game: NLHE turboo (main event structure)
Players: 152
Prize pool: €44,232

1. Andrew Dean, Canada, €13,800
2. Abdelkarim Benabi, UK, €7,700
3. Cheung Park Yu, Hong Kong, €4,650
4. Nguyen Tot, Spain, €3,300
5. Musa Nedin, Denmark, €2,650
6. Guiseppe Profeta, Italy, €2,200
7. Simone Ferretti, Italy, €1,770
8. Jakob Michalak, Poland, €1,300
9. Luigi Pignataro, Italy, €1,000
10. Giovanni Savino, Italy, €1,000
11. Aurangzeb Sheik, USA, €890
12. Ugo Polizzi, France, €890
13. Constantino Russo, Italy, €800
14. Christopher Andler, Sweden, €800
15. Bruno Basso, Italy, €741
16. Phillip Huxley, UK, €741

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