EPT9 Sanremo: Chris Sly railed by best mate Sam Trickett to Event #10 win

October 05, 2012


As best mate’s go, Chris Sly has chosen pretty well. Why plump for the guy that moans, crashes on your couch and always seems to disappear when it’s his round when you can instead have a jetsetting high stakes poker player with $17,470,283 in live tournament cashes. It seems that some of the talent is rubbing off, Sly tonight won the €2,100 PLO turbo ‘8-handed’ double chance for €51,000 while getting railed by some of Britain’s top talent.

Sly, who grew up with Trickett and says that they’ve been best friends for the last 15 years, beat Eric Sfez heads up for the trophy. He’s certainly no pushover. The Frenchman won the €10,000 High Roller at EPT8 Deauville for €242,000 beating Ruben Visser, David Sonelin and Sam Chartier into second, third and fourth place respectively. It was almost the same story here today. Sfez was playing fast and loose, and it was working.

Tournament info
Buy-in: €2,100
Game: PLO turbo
Players: 75
Prize pool: €145,500

1. Chris Sly, UK, €51,000
2. Eric Sfez, France, €32,000
3. Yuval Bronshtein, USA, €18,900
4. Dario Alioto, Italy, €13,800
5. Daniele Vesco, Italy, €10,200
6. Thomas Blomberg, Sweden, €7,300
7. Brian Roberts, USA, €6,500
8. Bryn Kenney, USA, €5,800


Chris Sly with Arjam, Vinson, Romanello and Trickett

“Round the bubble the guy that came second (Sfez) raised every hand. I had QQAK double but I just folded it because I didn’t want to have another bubble,” said Sly.

While that kind of hand may well have been good enough for Trickett to get it in, Sly had recently bubbled two large comps and didn’t want to complete a trilogy, “I I bubbled one comp last month and I bubbled the $5,000 on Stars so when it came to the bubble here I was pretty stressed,” he said.

It’s understandable. Just trying to deal with four cards is stressful enough let alone when it’s your first live PLO event and it’s for the largest score of your career (his previous largest was €9,220).

“I didn’t even know if I’d definitely won because I didn’t know what the chips were for a minute. Sam came over and said, ‘You’ve won, you’ve won.’ I said I didn’t know if I had and he said, ‘You’ve definitely won.’ I don’t think it’s kicked in yet,” said Sly.

While the winner’s picture was being taken – and he was being harangued by Trickett, Roberto Romanello, Ben Vinson and Ramsey Ajram – Sly’s hand could barely hold the winning cards straight. It wasn’t the nerves, he claimed.

“We were out drinking last night. We’ve been drinking the last three days solid,” said Sly.

Even if it’s not the reason for the shaking hand, it’s certainly an excuse that we can get behind.


Chris Sly: can you see any wobble?

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